Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting

More shots from my "Shoot Like A Pro".

Ying posing at the lobby of Trader's hotel and @ Convent Light Street. She's such a wonderful person to work with. She might not be a model yet, but I presume she could well be on her way if she wanted to. View large in black.

Another shot from the beautiful and natural Ying. I think she's such a delight to photograph. View large in black.

This is Ryan and Shirlyn whom I found out to be from my town area (kampung). They're both crazy youngsters and such sporting people. They share this chemistry which works well on and off camera. But I think LP did a fine job eliciting their emotions, their love, their chemistry. View large in black.


Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting

I posed her fronting the lobby's glass with natural light coming in from the glass creating a big diffused light. It works perfectly for her complexion. Shirlyn is young but she's such a great person. And patient with us. We posed her in different positions and got her as well as ourselves to do crazy stuffs. Hopefully, I'll get to meet her & Ryan more next time.

Straight out of camera and added in borders as well as texts.

Strofreaks: Big ball of fire on subject left.

#50 Posing & Lighting view in black


(",) strawberry said...

jimmy..enlighten me!!ntah knp i jadik kompius..who shot all this pics? u or louis pang???huhu...

zeemi said...

jgn kompius anis. shot by me.

(",) strawberry said...

hehe..ok...nice shot!!(finally i can say this wif confidence)

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