.got my Vertical Grip.

SillySeng came back. But we didn't get to meet up cos he's sick. JollyYeap in the meantime will be flying over to Aussie tomorrow.. or later today. Whatever. Tata, take care mates.


Geek alert...

I finally got my VG after much deliberation. And my friend Ndru got it for me at such a bargain price it was hard to resist.

The VG only helps when I'm handling my beercan cause the beercan is heavy and with the VG, I'm able to hold still in vertical position.

But it adds weight. well dissipated weight but weight nonetheless.


#41 of Project 365

My mini poodle bares its fangs.

He's actually such a cuddly little dog coming up to me at every opportunity to sleep on my lap or lick me. My best friend. But I still miss my old one. The smoking tsih-tzu, Baby.

p/s: the mini poodle occasionally humps my pillow like a beast. LOL.

#41 The real "RAWR" - original image
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May 10, 2009


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