.abandoned railway station.

I woke up just now and decided to do some errands. Actually was forced to do some errands. So I head out earlier and went to the abandoned railway at Prai to take some shots.

My first HDR merge. Didnt quite turn out the way I expected. I still need some training before I start producing HDR architecture shots. Shot in RAW and exposure set @ -1.00, 0.00 and +1.00. Merged in CS4. FYI, I wish I had these in my backyard. It'll be like my personal treehouse. Except its not a house, and not on top of a tree.

I wanted to put my camera on timer and run into the frame for all my railway shoots but the whole place was oily and dirty. In the end, I think I'd just have to settle for these...

The station was dark and outside was extra bright. I tried using Aperture priority but it just screws up either/or.

Now I guess I'm getting used to manual controls. Wouldn't have it any other way.

I had to rush these shots because this place was actually a detour. I had another appointment at 6 and by the time I was done, it was already 6.15.

Oh, wonder if the trains in this old station still runs fine? I remembered when I was small playing trains... wish I can buy one of these. They may not work, but I'll paint my name on it and have it on my garden. Just for kicks.

p/s: Enlarged view @ 1024 pixels are available in my Flickr. See top right for flickr link.


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I had a short photoshoot @ the abandoned railway station situated @ Prai. It was dark but the people I met were friendly. They refused to have their shot taken so I had to orchestrate this shot for my project 365. I'm not a fan of candids. Take pictures responsibly.

Strobist info? Shut up.

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May 9, 2009


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