.Marvel - Wolverine, Origins.

At the risk of sounding extremely nitpicky and nerdy, I need to first state out that I've read the original comic book series by Marvel of the same titled movie, Wolverine - origins. And by far it is totally different from the book.

Aside from appeasing the fans of the original X-Men movie, this prequel serves as a money generating income for the producers. They see an opportunity and they cater to it. However, the assumption that this movie does not live to its original comic book series is deeply flawed. It is different, but both has its pros and cons.

I'm just going to talk about the movie. It brings us into an in depth understanding of the character that is known as Wolverine or James Logan and his feud with Sabretooth or Victor as well as his past with Stryker. It also dwelves deeper into his past love life and his loss of memory.

For all of the above, I love the sense of coolness that Hugh Jackman brings into the movie. I've heard about the pre-release leak but I'm thankful I didn't succumb to the before CGI affects DVD version because the movie is awesome. The effects and actions were superb.

The worse cameo was Remy Lebeau aka Gambit. I expected more from such an important character in the original comic.

What is lacking more in storyline, they've made up well with action and I would definitely watch it again given the chance.

But I might be biased. I'm a Marvel fan.


Project 365

I'll be heading out today to capture new pictures. Hopefully it'll not rain later in the evening.
Below is one of the first few things I did when my ride came out from the workshop... stickers. *-^

#33 - Domokun "RAWR" - original image
Project 365
May 2, 2009


yytan said…
kawan... still rain.. huhuhu
Anonymous said…
jimmy, did u stayed in d theatre after d credits? it seems like there's some additional ending scenes after d credits, apart from d one that shows Stryker walking down the road...

-famous anonymous-
Jimmy Ang said…
yy, yeah... *praying* I'm running out of stock for my 365. If I can't shoot any today.. I'll need to go out on WEEKDAYS. Damn lazy.

yh, not really.. it was almost 2AM and i was @ gurney. the only thing going through my mind is getting back to bed.


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