Day Fourty Seven - A little mail

I woke up at 4 pm yesterday. Walked down the stairs and was greeted surprisingly by this invitation card by my TESLian friend.

I've known it coming for a long time, but receiving the card comes as a surprise. It is always a nice thing to receive mails. Makes it a bit more personal.

Unfortunately the event falls on the 6th of June. I've made plans on that day with Minivin and JollyYeap. Hopefully, I can squeeze a bit of time in there. I soooo look forward to meeting with my ex-coursemates.

p/s: I'll be heading over to Loius Pang's workshop "Shoot Like A Pro" later. I'm excited about learning from one of the best in Malaysia. What matters more than his work is his teaching. From an hour with him @ BRIPEX, I've learned so much about lighting, shadows and posing. I look forward to tomorrow with a pinge of nervousness.

Strofreaks: One and only (unfortunately) HVL F42 @ TTL directly left of subject facing down releasing minimal light.

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May 16, 2009


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