Day Fifty Seven - Because We All Do It.

Because we all do it at least once in front of the mirror.

This shot was taken in front of my office overlooking .. yes.. the freaking port, bridge and ferry terminal.

Tonight will be the Champions League Final. Barcelona vs Manchester United. A great night to be at "Mamak stalls" (hawker stalls that run 24/7) with lcd projectors shouting at Messi and Ronaldo.
Malam ini gua akan pergi ke Mamak sokong MU. Gua takda jersi MU. Takpe, nanti gua cari t-shirt buruk dan tulis MU di depan. Kemudian, gua tulis nombor 7 kat belakang dengan nama JIMMY. Mesti gempak satu mamak.

Apamacam, gua boleh lawan Ronaldo untuk jersi numbor 7?
Strobofreaks: Single tungsten light on ceiling.

#57 Because we all do it once - original image
May 27, 2009


bibopp said…
nice pic there.btw, i found the book, instead of da dvd: notes on a scandal.u,go find da dvd.
Jimmy Ang said…
ok.. gotta run and find the dvd... or online. *_^


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