Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cheryl's Birthday @ Chili's

Labour's Day was Cheryl's Birthday and I happened to heard a bird sing it to me. That and FB. Anyway, Edzil invited me over to watch Wolverine, origins @ Gurney and he wanted to celebrate Cheryl's bday with us (meaning, Jean, himself and me) before the show.

I being the busybody, tagged along. As usual, Edz was EXTREMELY late. Thank god I wasn't so bad myself. Our appointment was for 6.30PM but I reached around 7.10 and he reached around 7.23. Anyway, we never did finish our food. I haven't ate such HUMONGOUS portions since... I don't know... standard three. And that was only because I looked small and everything else looked big.

I tried to slant my eyes more to look like a mighty samurai but I think I ended up looking like an idiot. WTF. Or it could be natural...

Cheryl with her Bday Present, the Nokia E71. Looks yummy!

p/s: How was the movie? How about tomorrow we'll talk more about it.


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Geeky bimbo said...

Food pics? :D

U have moved to Selayang or what?

zeemi said...

leen, no food pics. And no haven moved to Selayang yet. If I do, it'll be announced. I love Penang too much. for now.

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