Day Fourty Nine - Basic Instinct

Louis is such a wonderful tutor. His energy and his desire to share is contagious. He goes to a field and to a tutorial or exercise wanting to improve us... wanting to impart his years of knowledge.

Here are some shots I took during the workshop yesterday and I've decided to share it with all here. Today let me part with two of Ying's shoot first. Tomorrow I will post more of Ying and Shirlyn. Then we will look at some of the shots I took while Louis was working with Ryan & Shirlyn, the couple.

These models are all volunteers and ordinary people. When we first shoot them, they were asking us how to pose. Basically we had no idea at first. But at the end of the day, we learnt how to pose and work with normal people.

p/s: To appreciate the images below, view large in black. :)


#49 of Project 365

This shot was captured and exported with some add in borders as well as some vignetting effect. No saturation or color correction was done.

I could've add in some minor correction but I'm trying to get the OOC picture perfected.

Strofreaks: Big ball of hot light rear of subject bounced by white building on subject front/cameraman back.

#49 Basic Instinct - worth a check in black


In closed arms...

This shot was taken while another participant was posing the model.

I love/prefer the view from here as the space behind gives it a sense of depth. The pose is perfect. Big thanks to Ming Tzen.

Strofreaks: Big ball of hot light right of camera.

#49.1 In closed arms - worth a check in black
May 18, 2009


KKZOne said…
the model look pretty especially her long beautiful hair.
btw what's her name?

and does ur VG help?
Let me guess u using kitlens for both of the shoot?

hehe more photo pls
Jimmy Ang said…
Her name is Ying as illustrated in the picture.

Using 50F14 for most of the shots. Yes, it helps but surprisingly not much. More photos will come later tonight.


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