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I dun follow news anymore. Mainly because there's nothing interesting. Robberies, accidents, politics... mostly politics. I don't connect well with politics.

I read blogs, mainly because they're real people talking about real stuffs spiced with lots and lots of pictures. Me? I usually talk more. type more.

I'll be having Mother's day dinner with mom tomorrow to avoid the jam this Sunday and heading over to PG for TT with the guys after that.

Mothers.. can't live with them, can't live without them. Amazing creatures.

To all mothers, have tons of FUN this Sunday cause you deserve it!


#38 of Project 365

May 7th, a significant day to alot of people in Perak but I'm from Penang. And no, I didn't wear black to work. I took this shot to portray the political turnmoil in Malaysia.
The government and people should be focused on the economy and helping the 'Rakyat' put food on the table.
Let us put all our differences aside and get through these hard times together.
To read more about this 1BlackMalaysia campaign, pls visit: 1blackmalaysia

Strobist info: 1 HVL F36 snooted at back right. 1 HVL F42 on camera left.

#38 OneBlackMalaysia - view in black
daily dose
May 7, 2009


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