.what is twittering?

People usually don't understand a new service and a new concept. Often they try it out and leave it bare because they're not accustomed to it. I've had numerous friends who are in this circle and they've left Twitter. But I believe in due time they will return.

Ok, Malaysia is a developing country but it is not left out of this twittering mania. We are slow in this aspect but hopefully by the end of this post, those who do not know what Twitter is will be able to fully understand the capabilty and usage of twitter.

Twitter is a Miniature Blog
Twitter is a compilation of words not longer than 140 to form short sentences. While others say this is not a substitute for a blog but we cannot deny that sometimes, a carefully crafted, spellchecked blog post is not a suitable medium for most people. Some people just have short things to say like "Got a new spanking car today" or "He proposed"

Twitter is Social Messaging
In essence, twitter started out as a micro-blogging tool. But with more and more followers and the ability to direct a message to a particular person. It has become more like an online SMS version. Basically, we can text anyone who follows us or anyone with a twitter.

For example, I can just direct a message to SamanthaAng with this text "@Samanthaang How's life in US? Anything you cooked up today?". Free SMS. How wonderful is that?

Besides that, it is also replacing the tiresome relentless rants of IM/MSN messenger which pop out and force you to connect to people who you don't like or people who you are not really bothered with. Sometimes, you can just NOT be in the mood for chatting.

Twitter is News Reporting
Twitter lets us post small links. Links that are interesting by putting up a one liner. Thus people can actually get a lot of related news by being a follower.

For example, I can follow CNN who posts "10 dead in the Atlantic Ocean today. http://link here.com" Then I selectively click on the links whose headline I am most interested with. With the vast influx of bloggers and content generating specialists, we can now follow specific tech tweets, sport tweets or other hobbies related tweets. This means we can follow genre specific

Twitter is Social Media Marketing
No other source says it better in updating your fans if you are someone of higher status or celebrity. Tell people in REAL TIME about where you're going, change of schedule or events you're conducting.

This tool is invaluable for politicians holding talks or updating the public about their plans. It also helps celebrities who conduct events and are always on the go. Peoples nows knows.

So, if you're not on twitter. What are you waiting for?
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#43 of Project 365

We bought a digital photo frame for mum to upload her pictures. She has tons from her overseas trips. In the past, we'd print them and now... I know she's not IT savvy so she can't upload them to FB or Flickr. The only way she can share her pictures is through printing and you know how hard it is to select like... 20 from a pool of 1000+ pictures in a 5-6 days vacation.

These flowers are from bro. He ordered them for mom. I'm sure mom loves them although she keeps saying its a waste of money. You should see her just now asking me tons of question on how to take care of the flower to make it last longer. LOL. Mums...

Strobist info. HVL F42 from top with 1/2 CTB firing at 1/32 @ 105mm.

#43 Flowers for mothers - original image
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May 13, 2009


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