Day Fifty Five - Mars Invasion

This is my mate Minivin. I've saved him from numerous occasions umpteenth times. He owes me a lot. But I'm not taking them to heart. I say it to him occasionally just to remind him what an awesome friend I am though. But I wouldn't ask him to repay me favours one day cause I did something for him so and so when and when.

The truth is... I also owe him a lot. LOL.

Strobist info: HVL F42AM w/ 1/2 CTO gel on camera bounced off wall.

#55 Mars Invasion - original image


Random Updates.

Pagi gua makan koay teow sup dengan teh Ais.

Petang gua minum milo panas.

Tea time gua minum milo panas lagi.

Gua sudah cacat.
Sebab kencing gua warna coklat.
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May 25, 2009


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