Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day Sixty One - Speeding

~image inspired by Mohammad Hilal~

Wow, it has been some time since I last posted. Actually a couple of days but to me it seemed like ages. I've been having a very high fever for the past few days and eating soft food. Mostly porridge. It's such a bitch not being able to go out.

Anyway, regarding the picture for today, let me say that I'm a speeder. I always am... maybe always will. In the almost 9 years of driving.. I've had countless accidents. Some due to sleeping while on the wheel, some due to daydreaming. Actually most of it is because I rarely pay attention on the road. Dangerous, I know. I should really drive slower and stop SLEEPING on the wheel. It's scary.

I'll fill in Day Fifty Nine and Day Sixty in the near future. *_*

Strobofreaks, read on: 1 F42 @ 1/32 105mm 2 ft on top of car and slightly infront of camera.

#61 Speeding - original image

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