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.filler post.

.the mischievious baby.


Sarah M. Baby

.chargrilled McDee.

.hardly a puzzle.

.dustbin vandalised.

.midnight blues.

.the prestige : a review.

.filler post.

.world trade center.


.daily dose.

.grammie's birthday.

.KFC in a class of its own.

.colours of celebration.

.filler again.



msn fucks up.


.got back my v3i.

.crazy stunt.

.4 aces.

.a myriad of events.

.first things on my mind.

.tough choice.

.all in a day's work.

.call you back later.

.lovers or strangers?



.misa campo is da bomb.

.not so furious.

.fucking forwarded mails.

.my tanglung festival sucks, how bout yours?

.filler post.

.forwarded shit.

.big burden on my shoulders.

.sick family.