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two days ago... deepavali right? and fuck, my friends and me JUST HAD to go and play blackjack. I mean, we usually reserve these gambling occasions for CNY only. But the master of the house HAD to tempt us with their usually innane games of BLACKJACK.

I mean, come on.. didn't anyone told you people that it's fucking unhealthy to gamble? Why gamble anyway? besides the usual illegal money profiting ways, another one good reason to gamble is because it enhances maths! yes, that's why us chinese are always good in maths. CAUSE WE rock when we gamble. Try playing mahjong or CHO DAI DI! it will surely rawk your maths off.

Don't you guys ever question our mathematical abilities again! haha.

yesterday, me and me mates went to play futsal and maybe tonight we're going out again. dunno where though. either to catch a movie or to autocity.

yeah, Happy Birthday JuvenileJulian.

p/s: i might be getting me pay soon.... crosses finger.
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October 23, 2006


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