.my tanglung festival sucks, how bout yours?

yesterday was tanglung festival or mooncake festival or whatever fuck they'd like to call it. my ugly perky bitching kinda relatives had to make one big fuss out of it and organize some get together shit. i don't want to know why they have the sudden urge to come out with such gay activities and get all of us into some depressive pretentious mood, but i have a feeling whatever the reason is, it's not gonna be as repulsive as my feeling when i reach the place.

anyway, being the good son that i am.. i accompanied my mom there. the journey there was as shitty as it is and before we even reached the place, we were mobbed by a fella holding a video camera! holy fuck! a person holding a video camera.. shooting videos. some people get paid to do that you know?

thank god my mom asked her not to shoot anymore cause she was not wearing make up and shit. yeah, at least she was not so pretentious as some bitching young gals who wag their hair like it was some dog's tail and act all "tinggi" liddat.

i was glad my mom asked her to stop or i was gonna drop kick her video camera to kingdom come. and then i'd snap her neck like a twig. which will result in me being a fugitive and a killer or maybe in jail.. which i don't like.

anyway, the get together was repulsive. the food was repulsive. the people was mediocre... i mean, they're all my relatives, there was no cute young chicks available for me there... just some dumb old relatives. argh.. sometimes, i hate my relatives.

anyway, at the end of the day.. after all the pretentious outing and all the mockup courtesy.. we went black, "blah la!"

despite all the pretentious shit.. i was glad i was there. i was glad they made a get-together.

cause then. i can show how much of a fuck-up they are.
little old females gathering, bickering and gossiping. can't really please them all.... (that sounded more sick than i intended)

bores the fuck out of my skulls.
daily dose
October 7, 2006


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