.big burden on my shoulders.

sometimes, i feel as if life has no meaning. we work, we get money, we spend money and we work again.

and when i'm down, the feeling of not having anyone beside me really pushes me to the brink. i know i should be doing more. i am doing more. i hope to be excelling and making the business bigger and better but the thing is i need time to learn and sometimes i feel as if i've not learnt it good enough and fast enough. life is no longer a brisk now. i can survive with minimal money but i want more, more to satisfy not me.. but at least to show people that i can be someone.

the pressure is really on me. i don't settle for mediocrity sometimes. i want something which can make me the best. i want to excel in what i do. and that's something i'm willing to sacrifice for. but for now, i just need someone to guide me and support me.

i feel so lost and alone now. i don't know why. but it's as if a heavy burden is on my shoulders. i need to fulfill a lot of expectations and if people say working in the family business is easy peasy come and go-ey should think again.

if you don't excel, you won't get fired.. yes, but you'll feel the pressure and the smite of criticism that can be poured down upon you.

i want this to work. more than ever, i want to know that i can excel and i can do something good if i put my hard work and effort in it.

i just need to make sure it doesn't screw up.
October 4, 2006


Sewjin said…
Seems like fresh graduates never have nice things to say about their first jobs.

-I don't wanna graduate!-
Jimmy Ang said…
nah.. once we get a direction then it's all ok.


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