.world trade center.

i personally believe this is a lousy movie. no doubt it touches on all those touchy mushy feelings of might bravery, perservation and courage but i would prefer the movie with a tad more action, feeling and drama.

instead the movie revolves around 2 fellas trapped in the WTC who can't move! at least in Ladder 49, joaquin was moving and fighting. now, that was a nice movie.

WTC? it's just a bunch of rubbles with some sad people trapped inside who can do nothing but reminiscensce about their family back at home and you know, the usual regrets about life and why they didn't cherish it more and how they couldn't see them again.... bla bla bla.

they didn't even explain to me why the gun fired off by itself.

and how can a person who has retired from the marines impersonate one and enter the WTC aftermath location like it was his fucking backyard?

suits me but if you think that the terrorists has the precision to hit two towers before the people in the building even know what happened, then this movie goes on to show how stupid people can be in the face of danger.

overall, i think WTC was a farce. 2/10.

October 24, 2006


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