Monday, October 16, 2006

.a myriad of events.

saturday was hectic. i was out working till 2 and went to catch a movie with my friends at 2.45. Yeah, we watched Rob-B-Hood.

It was hilarious and superb. I had fun. I really loved the movie cause it was lighthearted and comedic to the extent of dumb. I mean, the best part was the tit-sucking part. I was laughing my ass off at that time.

and then after that i went to my cuz's wedding dinner. it was held somewhere in Batu Kawan/Tambun/Jawi.. whatever.

They had these dancers and one really loud singer who was talkative like shit. Well, at least I think she managed to heat up the venue. it was a little bit nonsensical and dumb, i was looking forward to it's end.

Cause I had appointments to GLO, Pg.

We had a blast there and I ended up partying till 3am. Met a bunch of friends there..

ShortBC, JumpingJJ, PoshPet, CoolIce, LittleP, SinfulYin, CuriousLin, WildMing, WeirdHan, StubbyBC, and ShortBC's BF.

I went with LittleMars and MildCoco.

That's when I had to go back and catch some shut eye.

Cause I need to wake up early on Sunday to go to MPSP(Kedah).

After that I ran some lab tests until late afternoon.

And then I was like... so damn tired I had to sleep the whole day.

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