I sat down and asked the waiter what's the menu?

She cited the usuals...

which are:
"Nasi Goreng" and "Koay Teow Goreng".

"That's it?" I asked.

She wasn't bothered to reply me this time.

She must be some fucked up waitress, I thought.

Maybe it was because I conversed in BM to her, thinking that she was an Indonesian Maid.
She must've been pretty pissed off at me. I don't know but she can't blame anyone but her mom. She was wearing some flowery pyjamas to work. Who wouldn't think that she was an Indonesian Maid?

I ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng.

It reaches in 5 minutes. Thank god the person cooking wasn't the same as the waitress. She would've spit in the food before i can say "ABCD".

I remped up my Nano. As I was listening to my Jay's Still Fantasy, my phone rang.


"Did you told the people in office about the documents the people were coming to take?"

"NO. why?" I asked.

"She's sending someone to come and take it now. Tell the people in the office."

"OK. I'll call them and notify them."

I closed and dialled the office.

"Hello? Who's There?"

"Worker SN here. Who's that?"

"It's me" I said. I must be some big shot to think that merely the sound of my voice should be sufficient.

"Yeah, What's up?"

I proceeded with the instruction about the whereabouts of the documents only to be greeted and replied with...

"huh? don have wor."

After a few missed explanations. I gave up.

I can't stand old and slow people.

I gave up, went back to the office, leaving my food halfway.

As I look back at the food, I think to myself...

"I'll be back for you. You just wait."
daily dose
October 17, 2006


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