.KFC in a class of its own.

i was in KL and after my usual routine in the hospitals, i ended up hungry and stopped by the KFC in front of Pudu Station.

now, i don't usually write reviews or stuffs about restaurant but this one was quite unforgettable.

i placed my order and took my drink back to the end of the tables. somewhere inside so i can have some peace and quiet. there was not much people in there too. i think that's because it's due to the puasa month.

as i walked down to the place, i placed my drink on the table only to have the water fall down splash like a fat boy in a tub full of water.

i was embarassed but i didn't think much of it. i just took my stuffs and gathered it to another table. i told one of the crew and that's it. i went on eating.

about 5 mins later, the ast supervisor or someone came around and saw the mess. she asked the worker whether someone or anyone dropped their water. they said yeah.

i was acting nonchalant trying to act as if it wasn't a big deal. which it wasn't cause i didn't really make a big fuss or want my drink replaced or anything.

the girl said to me..
"if you want a new one, you can get it at the counter."

i was too dumbfounded to say anything. needless to say that was unexpected. i would expect such service from a high class restaurant but not KFC in front of PUDU.

but they proved that in a place of such class, they emerged the more diginified part. i mean, i always associate pudu with touts, cutthroat taxis, robberies, dirty surroundings.. and so on so forth.

but lies in the middle of this turmoil is a place who maintained a standard different from their surroundings.

i mean, i don't really know them nor will i be able to visit them often (KFC) but i'm just writing this to say that sometimes, amidsts all these bad things which happen in our surroundings, it is important not to be affected. that way, we can hold our head up high.
October 20, 2006


Unknown said…
it's a small and simple gestures, but they are often the most memorable ones :)
KY said…
ok, i'm going there to spill myself silly to test this out. if it's not the case i'll pwn ur butt. :D
Jimmy Ang said…
suanie: yeah, sometimes having a thousand grand thrown to me is different from getting 1 dollar when i needed it most.

ky: go try.. go try..


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