1. full name: Jimmy Ang
2. name backwards: Ang Jimmy
3. Were you named after someone: yes, my ancestors
4. meaning of name: fucked up
5. nickname: fucker, oi, cheebye kia, zimmy, eh...
6. screen name: jimmy ang
7. D.O.B: 2nd July 1983 (remember suckers!)
8. place of birth: Puau Penan
9. nationality: Penangite
10. current location: Puau Penan
11. star sign: Cancer
12. religion: Ye loi Fat Cho
13. height: dunno. bordering around 170 i guess
14. weight: 64 kg
15. shoe size: 8
16. hair colour: BLACK
17. eye colour: BLACK and WHITE
18. who do you look like: MY ESTEEMED DAD!
19. innie or outtie: nightie
20. leftie or rightie: nightie
21. gay, straight, bi or others: This question is gay. but I'm straight.
22. best friend : A lot
23. best friend you trust most: None
24. favourite pals: A lot
25. best friend of opposite sex: A lot
26. best buddies: A lot
27. boyfriend or girlfriend: I'm someone's boyfriend
28. crush: peanuts?
29. parents: Chinese
30. worst enemy: Kryptonite
31. favourite online guy: i'm not gay
32. favourite online girl: Everyone
33. craziest friend: A lot
34. advice friend: Whoever i can grab.
36. person you cry with: Refer to the above
37. any sisters: yes
38. any brothers: yes
39. any pets: dead
40. any disease: yes
41. pagers: dead
42. personal phone line: yes
43. cell phone: yes
45. pool or hot tub: HOT TUB and POOL
46. a car: yes
47. your personality: demure? HAHAHAHAHA
48. driving: yes
49. room: sex (first thing i can think of)
50. what’s missing: money
51. school: roxxors
52. bed colour: red blankies with dark blue sheets
53. relationship with parents: parent and son
54. believe in yourself: yes
55. believe in love at first sight: yes
56. good listener: no
57. get along well with parents: yes
58. save email conversations: no
59. pray: sometimes
60. believe in reincarnation: yes. da bomb!
61. make fun of people: all the time
62. like to talk on the phone: no. prefers f2f
63. want to get married: when the time is right
64. like to drive: MAT REMPIT
65. motion sickness: no
66. eat stem of broccoli: ??? why?
67. eat chicken with fork: and spoon
68. dream in colour: ya
69. type with your fingers on home role: ???
70. sleep with stuff animals: gay... no!
71. next to you: for now no one. next time... cun chick
72. on the walls of your room: lamps and nothing
73. on your mousepad: my mouse
74. dream car: Beemer
75. dream date: 2nd
76. dream honeymoon spot: G-Spot
77. dream husband or wife: why would i dream of them?
78. bedtime: none
79. under your bed: nothing
80. single most important question: what the fuck?
81. bad time of a day: when i wake
82. Your worst fear: losing my mobility
83. the weather is: not good
84. time: dunno
85. date: no
86. Best trick did on someone: i'll be killed if i reveal this
87. theme song: none
88. hardest thing about growing up: height
89. funniest experience: a lot
90. scariest experience: none
91. silliest thing you have ever said: dunno
92. scariest thing while you are with your friends: dunno
93. worst feeling: dunno
94. best feeling in the world: orgasm

no need. i got conned directly into doing this and i don't wanna do the same thing to you.

damn you angela.
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October 10, 2006


akmj said…
haha. jimmy. the fact that i tagged u shows that i remember u. aren't u happy? hehe.

u're born in Puau Penan? wow. di mana itu

apalah u. ppl ask u innie or outtie u answer nightie. hahaha

n ru sure u're demure and NOT gay? hehe... kidding lah

u're very short meh? ok wor

haha. sorry yeah conned u.

btw, penang haze teruk tak?
Jimmy Ang said…
yes, very da HAPPY.

puau penan is very special place.

i said i'm short?

penang haze? din notice...
akmj said…
aiks. u didn't say u're short. i must have been sleepy when i read ur post.


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