i think coComments is a good proggie to track and keep in touch with all those comments you put up in multiple blogs or websites and you just can't remember which one you posted or which one you needed a reply from.

coComments is an additional feature which attachs itself onto your PC like a dead bug on glue and has this annoying box which asks u whethere u want to track this conversation. although annoying, it is small and hardly NOTICEABLE. unless it is located all the way up and blocking some of your texts. which is what is happening now as i type this msg.

however, i think it's worth all the trouble because the utility is good enough to track all my comments on all the available sites that i have commented.

and if i really comment and expect a reply, i would usually forget the address after a few days, especially those blogs i visit through PPS.
i can't remember their urls. it's fucking long can?

The utility has three main functions, mainly... to:

coComment keeps track of all the online conversations you're following in one convenient place, and informs you whenever something is added to a conversation.

Publish your conversations to your blog in a click, or send them to your friends via email.

Check out the top commenters, what articles and posts are generating the most comments, who's commenting on the same conversations as you.

this feature or utility gets a thumbs up from me and thanks to jolene from inkpots for recommending it.
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October 9, 2006


akmj said…
jimmy. i tagged u. up to you whether u want to do lah. :)
Stephanie Booth said…
Hi Jimmy -- I'm glad you still find the service useful even though it messes up your blog posting form. I'm giving the devs a call to see if we can fix this.

Thanks for writing about coComment!

(Oh, two things, btw: you can help coComment work better on your blog by de-activating pop-up comments -- many people find them annoying, anyway ;-) -- and it's coComment without an S...)
Jimmy Ang said…
Sorry about the spelling mistake.



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