Monday, October 16, 2006

.crazy stunt.


a. A usually rectangular pad of heavy cloth filled with soft material or an arrangement of coiled springs, used as or on a bed.
b. An airtight inflatable pad used as or on a bed or as a cushion.

a. To rest during the night.
b. to get some shut eye
c. to have wonderful padded sex
d. to jump around without injury and to do beginner's sommersaults

a. sponge padded
b. Spring
c. Water
d. Air

a. Single
b. Queen
c. King

Criteria when choosing a mattress:
a. Support
b. Comfort
c. Type
d. Size

Mode of Transportation:

1. Lorry
2. Car
3. Bike

i've encountered and done some dangerous stunts during my heydays but this one takes the pun out of ...


i think i've endangered my life taking this shot too. one hand on the wheel and another on the phone.


Tok Rimau said...

Not everybody can afford a vehicle with an air bag. A matress is a good alternative.

J!MMY said...

lol. next time, he should get one for the front too. and then he can boast about dual airbags.

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