Friday, September 30, 2005

.what is jimmy, who is jimmy?


jimmy is a shoemaker
jimmy is old jimmy
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jimmy is up for the acadamy

jimmy is mee!

from googlism!

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.scary and hatey.

no, it's just the usual tag meme shit kindamajiggy. this time got tagged by pfft... or mX or reallybites.... CCB, so many name!

7 things that scares the shit out of my ass.
1. losing all my pics... which i just did cause my hdd fucked up!
2. not being able to curse.. like WTF?
3. losing the people that i love
4. getting cancer
5. no more hair on my head
6. shitting from my mouth
7. kennysia's hairy leg and big nipples.... (that one really scary man!)

lazy to do the rest lar...

.schools & freedom to blog.

i've been missing out on xiaxue, really... i didn't stop reading her because of the fact that she called kl sucky. but it's pretty much because she went on hiatus.

if you want to create fire, you have to be able to take the heat. i thought she was stonger than that. bah... whatever, today i'm not gonna talk about her but rather about myself and an issue in my head which she has just blogged about... should schools have the right to close down students' blogs?

i've been a student and i've been a teacher.

it's hard deciding which one i love more. but both has it's pros and cons. being a teacher, you can scold your students, being a student you can piss the teacher off so he/she can scold or screw you.

If i am a student, I wouldn't like my rights violated. I have a right, a freedom of speech. I can say whatever i like. I can say how badly teachers treated me, I can bitch about my friends, i can even laugh at the teacher's false hair. All these things, no one is supposed to take it away from me.

Imagine having a blog, your only source of venting out your frustrations. nowadays, with the stress of home work and tuition that teachers and parents pile on our shoulders, we rarely have time to go out let alone make friends. so, i want to create a blog where i can bitch about every mother fucker who talk shit behind me, who scolded me for no fucking reason, who fucked me up like a hotdog and etc...

but imagine this, as a teacher, i wouldnt want my immature students to write untrue comments about me. i may have punished him/her but i could've a very valid reason for doing so. teachers don't usually (i emphasize on the fucking word called USUALLY) punish the students without any fucking reason ya know? we don't! (this should be in Ripley's Believe It or Not!) .

I might hv a reason to punish the fella but being a retarded teenager who's pretty much fucking irresponsible, he wouldn't know what the fuck is wrong with himself. then he/she goes on to the internet and curses everyone in my family and me myself for punishing her for no fucking reason.

if i read it, i would go like WTF? this fella's gonna get a big whallop from me. I sure tension wan, go to school sure kick the fella's ass wan! what? you think teachers have no feeling ar? lan cheow lar! teachers are humans, we get fucked up by you? better come prepared with two or three layers of pants the next day.

the fact of the matter is that, schools have regulations. i mean even without these regulations, bitching about your teacher is bad. even if you write it based on experience it could never cease to be biased. i study discourse analysis and believe me, you have no idea how subtle bias could be. would you believe me if i tell you that the press is no longer reporting what we call free speech? believe it cause it's true.

every reporting or article on war, on politics is biased towards one party or the other. it doesn't matter which party is bad, a bias report is still a bias report.

and when students write it will most definitely be biased...


cause there's so much angst... so much fury and so much irrational thinking in a teenager.

so please refrain from negative comments about your teacher until you get out of the fucking school! for god's sake, just refrain for a few years and you'll be out of there. in the meanwhile, stick to bitching about your angsty friends.

listening to : first love by Utada Hikaru

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

.Sexy Blogger Tee Latest Update.

There are currently more than 30 orders. However, I need just a few more before I can start printing.

If you have friends or bloggers, please tell them about this!

Sincerely, jimmy!

.lost but never forgotten.

the feeling of losing something precious, what does it feel like actually?

i had to close down something which i've worked hard on for the past few years. I've put up a lot of work and effort in that place. My soul goes there. People there have seen my ups and downs. my development, evolution...

it is so sad to close down a thing where you've worked on for 3 years and more. I've met great friends there, known countless people, learnt from a lot of them and in return gave them guidance.

It's kinda like a closing time. i feel sad but the dact of the matter is that we all have to evolve. it doesn't matter where we move to but what matters is we look forward. i've decided to change it to a different place. no longer the same place i used to go but hopefully with the same kind of enthusiasm which i visited over the past few years.

i've pondered about this a lot of times. how does it feel to let go of something you've worked so hard and so long on. that made you what you are now...

it definitely will be different. but what i had is not a dream, nor will it be a reality again. it is somehow kinda of like a mix between the both. what we all had is kind of like a dream, remembered but never again.

i've lost a part of me, i took out that part and it doesn't mean that i won't be happy, i'd just be different and different could be good. different could be great, right?

we are all afraid of change, i am, you are, we are. but change is sometimes good. if it's a change for the good, then why scared? if it's a change for the bad, then learn how to adapt and make this a part of your challenge.

i've changed since a few years ago, that's why my forum needs a change. i was interested in that, now i'm interested in all the different things. we have commitments now.. i used to have a hobby but now... i need to have time. time in the real world and not in the net.

sometimes, when i just sit here and wonder about what life could bring for me.. i always end up thinking.. why think? i could never ever fucking know. CCB, bin laden also won't know... what makes me think i could know any better.

the feeling of losing something precious is sad but we'll all get used to it. it's not something which will ravage us for the rest of our lives, it takes a piece of our heart... but gave it to them willingly.

remembered and never forgotten... that's what becomes of our lost.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

.how do you feel?

when you lose something previous to you.
when you lose something you've worked so hard on.
when you lose something you treasure.

how do you feel?

.about densha, sleep, inflation, bank and starbucks.

i feel so fucking tired. basically, that's because i slept at 7 just now. yes, 7 am. what was i doing? i watched the whole remaining episodes of Densha Otoko. I would love to give a review of it but it's kinda like a miniseries withony 11 episodes. Wouldn't know what to write about it anywa. It's kinda something like boy with no confidence, falls in love with chick full of confidence, lives happily ever after. only this show has not that much of backstabbing. there was one but they made it to look like some kind of joke. always at the end, his plans would be failing like in the most bizarre way.

another thing that separates this movie is the fact that the geek gets the girl. yes, definitely an appeal to all geeks and nerds out there.
I can't recommend Densha Otoko highly enough: the production values are high, the material is funny and intelligent, and the characters are all attractively likable. This is very good stuff.

When faced with this new Net generation it is undoubtedly reassuring for older Japanese to see in the "Trainman" story that some things never change -- the thrill of holding hands for the first time, the excitement of a loving glance, the relief of finding that one's feelings are returned.
bah, enough about densha otoko.

anyway, i woke up at the sound of my message, it's my supervisor. i bathed, went there, got back my thesis.. and guess what?

it's bathed in crimson red blood! (ink all over)

well, that's most probably because i do my thesis everyday from 12 to 4 am. your mind kinda disconnects from your finger at that time.

i have not much time to blog nowadays, bt that's because i'm preparing for the final draft of my thesis which will be completed before the end of this week. it seems that when struck with a deadline, i pull things off... miraculously fast.

my handphone was repaired and there are some pictures i want to share but i'm sometimes just too lazy to upload it. i need to transfer it via bluetooth to my PDA, then transfer them into the card in my PDA. last, i need to take out the card and insert it into my pc card reader. just seems like too much work. but i'm in the process of collecting money to purchase a new digicam. hopefully something small. however i can only start thinking about it once my PTPTN loan comes in.

I wonder what in the blue hell is taking PTPTN so fucking long. i mean, it's like eons already. i'm already in the 12th week and the sem has only 16 weeks. my sem will finish in one month, now where is the money?

and one more advice to my fellow blogders. don't put your money in banks, cause inflation rises up faster than the interest rate. unless you put them in fixed deposit for more than 1 year.

it works like this, inflation at our current rate is roughly more than the interest rate. so, the money we save and get back could not cover the increase of cost next time. so, the money we save today although increases by a meagre few percent cannot compare to the price increase of stuffs in malaysia.

nvm... maybe i'm beyond my league here.

oh, how i wish i could go to starbucks, open up my lappie (laptop) and start doing my work there. they always seem to have the best environment for me to concentrate. but then again, a cup of coffee costs me a fortune.

i better resort to kopi-o-KAU!

.densha otoko.

Fuck cheebye, Densha Otoko is so addictive. It's 2.40 and I haven't touch my cheebye fucking thesis' chapter 3!

fuck cheebye, watch Densha Otoko, live action! funny but at times can be touching.

bye bye, want to go back to episode 8 now! CCB, I hate this guilty feeling!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

.how to blog like an fuckhead.

since i have no life today and yesterday and the day before, fuck. i got nothing to say. so i will like to share my experience on how to blog like a fucker.

1. write. write everyday.

2. don't think, just write.

3. after you write, think.

4. modify a few bits and if possible, correct spelling errors. "liddta n thaks si nto acuatlly vrey neic you konw?"

5. write about everything under the sun, write about your neighbour, bitch about your dog, write about your computer, write about bloggers, write about your exprience.. just write.

6. hit the publish button.

7. if people don't like it, let them be.

8. don't frown on the same issue and try to rectify your problem if it's a small issue, if it's a big issue, you're going to jail anyway.

9. move on to other issues

10. write like how you speak, not like how you write your essays for cikgu kambing.

11. when in doubt, write about reviews. book, food, movies, places, girls.. you know, those kind of shit.

12. if possible, add pictures. like me liddat!

13. use curse words to amplify your expression like fucking happy, or fucking idiot or CCB kia!

14. never plagliarise or rip. you'll never get back your credibility.

15. don't care about what other people say. your writing may be bad, but you're one damn blogger. people like you who thinks like you and acts like you and most probably looks like you will love you!

16. link people. fucking linking is good since bloggers are attention whores. that's why they coders go through all the trouble to create pings and trackbacks. and also technorati or blog search! people know we're attention seeking whores! why else would they build a system especially to link us fuckheads?

17. once in a while, get naked and post a picture of your .... hairy legs (male only) female, send the picture to jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com for a review.

18. don't talk nonsense... wait a minute, talk nonsense.

19. never be afraid of the power of malicious gossip that you have. however, remember to prove it! or not, make sure jails have STREAMYX, cause dial-up sucks.

20. never blog to please your readers... and don't try to blog to be femes, cause minishorts will kan you kau kau!

ok lar, sleepy ady. need to do my chapter 3 of my cheebye fucking thesis!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

.i hate my chee bye thesis.

i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis i hate my chee bye fucking thesis .
there, now you see how much i hate my chee bye fucking thesis?

.in view of fireangel idol day.

what the heck, it's better than those ugly buttons out there.
i mean, it's smaller than those big buttons and bigger than those small buttons.
host it on your own server please.....

p/s: if you use this banner/button/image, please leave a comment. at least i know!

original image from hunting the snark
related post : who da fuck is fireangel?

.work hard play hard.

yes, i can say that, why? cause i work my ass off.

everyday except friday and saturday now. it's confirmed. i teach everynight from ** pm to ** pm everyday except ... yes, friday and saturdays?

what do i do there?

basically i just teach. yes, English. although my English here is rather Manglish as keith has pointed out in the previous post's comment, i assure you, i only type it liddis for amusement purposes. most other sva's are according to grammtical structures. don believe me? check out webster or some other fucking western big shot lan cheow dictionary name.

well, during the day, i go to class. thank god this semester, we start class at 11 every fucking day.. sometimes later which is a bonus but no classes on wednesday. but wednesday afternoon, i have another secondary class. which means i'm fucked up and i have no time. no time to do anything. shit man, you must think i earn a lot. but on the contrary, i earn dipshit little? why? cause i work in a tuition centre and i get paid meagrely. but the environment is ok there.

and my personal student.. only two. i earn 80 bucks a month only. so, fuck you all who think i'm very rich liddat! CCB, i eat also hard.

Now, it's the end of the month and i think i'm left with not more than 20 bucks in my wallet. only one thing i can say.. KNNBCCB.

how about my rent? CCB? my gaji masuk o the 15th! that means in a few days? i just finished all my money? CCB, three months bill i pay last week because the previous month cuti, never work. no gaji. then pay bill and rental. somemore hdd spoil. thank god got some sponsor or not my lan cheow also kecut.

basically i think i'm very tired with life. with my work and assignments. i can cope but what about play?

i used to reserve friday and saturday for play day only, you know, like going out relaxing, watch movies, shopping, those kind of things. but nowadays, no money go lan ar?

it's really tiring... my current life. but i hope there's a ray of sunlight behind all those dark clouds. i hope there's something better at the end of this ordeal? but come to think of it.. i don't even like the job i'm supposed to get or apply.

i don't know where i'm heading.

right now, i just want to cool off, enjoy life. go out more often, meet more people and play like no tomorrow.. but i don't want it to affect my studies. it's just so hard to balance both.

somemore now got new hobby, blogging. CCB, also time consuming wan you know?

but when i look back at it, i laugh my arse off!

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.we're that blogger.

i'm the boy who curses whenever the slightest things annoy me / excite me .

i'm the boy who disobeyed his parents more than he could obey them

i'm the boy who sleeps with my butt facing up

i'm the boy holding on to my bolster everyday

i'm the boy making stupid faces on the camera and regretting it whenever i see it

i'm the guy who loves the simple things in life

i'm the guy who loves all types and genres of songs

i'm the guy who's so wishy washy that a tsunami could sweep me off from here to china

i'm the guy who rarely talks when i just met you but talks non-stop once i know you

i'm the guy who loves a girl for all she is and will try to change for her

i'm the guy who will go out of my way to help a friend

i'm the guy who's always broke

i'm the guy who's always happy but get angry easily

i'm the guy who loves perfection but hates work

i'm the guy who feels sleepy when doing work but feels ever more energetic when watching movies or anything else that i like

i'm the guy who always fall down and pretend it's not embarassing when as a matter of fact, it is

i'm the guy who acts non-chalant

i'm the guy you would never want to be with

i'm the guy wishing people would love him for who he is

i'm the guy who hope he can sing.. at least good singing

i'm the guy who smiles at everyone he rarely knows but frowns at his friends

i'm the guy who is always sensitive

i'm the guy you wouldn't want to bring back to your parents but would want to be with

i'm the guy who hates sunlight but loves moonlight

i'm the guy who gets irritated when it's hot

i'm the guy... for a one night stand

i'm the guy in need of love

i'm the guy loving every minute of life

i'm the guy you can count on... anytime...

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.who da fuck is fireangel?

- FireAngel

image from minishorts

image from fireangel

Pictures say it all. How can we not love this drunk , vodka loving, happy going, always smiling Fiery Angel!

Do you love
FireAngel? You know you want to...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

.wahlau! plastic surgery.

i've always wondered how plastic surgery could help people. god knows i need one. lol.

i mean, if plastic surgery is applied, isn't that called cheating?

is it a good thing or a bad thing to get plastic surgery? i was always against it because i saw what it did to MJ. but then after this talk show which was aired in Taiwan and sent to me via e-mail, i think it .. it's a viable option.

natural? au naturale?

who the fuck cares anyway?

this was her b4 the plastic surgery. she said that when she went to find work as a waitress, the boss told her that they wouldn't want to hire her cause they're afraid she'll scare the customers away. and her boyfriend asked her to sit away from him.


double eye lid surgery

nose reconstruction

breast enlargement

removal of excess fats (liposuction?)
my brother will have a few tanks of these.

she hopes/wants to look like sun yan zi or stephanie sun

excess fats from cheeks or smoothening the face, dunno...


face whitening i think or smoothening, blargh!
there you have it, the results of Plastic Idol 5. whatever...
the one, the only..

teng teng teng! keng or not? cun or not? wah lau!


ccb, previously look like kena hentam sepuluh kali,
now look like goddess. MCH.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

.quarreling is so tiresome.

a mosquito bit me. i hit it. i scratched my itch. now i'm no longer itchy.

wow, no need for mopiko. :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

.the female agenda.

i don't know why but i like reading minishorts. at a time when i'm so busy with life and having fucked assignments shoved up my head, i feel like i need to take a hiatus from blogoland. but then i just have to click on that darn link which connects me to her. and also that auto complete form feature in my browser which automatically churns out minishorts' url whenever i press the m button.

anyway, reading her post left me with this feeling that i have something to say. yeah, it's because she always tells things from her perspective, a woman's view that i just feel compelled to tell it from my view. a guy's view.

you see Puan Minishorts (PMS) .. pun intended..

kidding kidding, just can't get the fact out that MS is only one letter short of PMS.. and she always have issues with her boyfriend during that time of the month.

anyway, girls or in this case, women are an irrational lot. that's not actually bad but it's not a good thing too.

she mentioned in her post that she wants her bf to pepper his sentences with darling, sweetie pie, luv, strawberry, chocolate or mango... whatever and when he did.. although a bit exaggerating, she gets exasperated. which is normal. i sometimes get exasperated when my advice or orders gets too cooked..

you see, we men will never understand the perils of the dreaded PMS. call it luck, bad luck in your part, call it whatever you want but we could never comprehend it.

but get this, chicks always always try to get us to comprehend it. WHY?

it's really abnormal once we understand it, believe me!

and another thing is girls expect us to understand every single thing in their mind without them saying it. why? why the fuck would we want to do that? get a mind reader. they drop us hints at intervals and expect us to solve it like sherlock holmes. KNN, you think we're so clever liddat meh! if we are, we would have been solving crimes and probing the female agenda.

females do have an agenda you know, their agenda is to throw every men into a menstruation cycle to get back at us for their monthly suffering. and if possible, get us pregnant so that we can understand the 9 months of pain, excruciating back pain and everything lar. basically they want us to feel the horrors that comes in a package with women. KNN, women are born evil.

however, women laugh and scorn and would never wish us to gossip, buy accessories, shopping, you know, those little things that give women pleasure, they don't want us to have it. we must hold the umbrella for them, take care of them, wire the elctric lines, fix pc, fix the car, fix the house, kill the rat, get rid of roaches and do everything for them. but the hell in a women... they want us to understand that. another typical example that women are crazy evil beings.

men, we just want a simple life. enjoy things as they go by. let the world take care of itself, let the neighbour do their own part of the lawn. we want the simple things in life, enjoying a nice cup of coffee wee early in the morning, taking a stroll down the beach, having beautiful kids without the 9 months of hell state and fugliness.

all that while owning a damn expensive sports car and a damn big house with, possibly more than a few wives.

is that too much to ask for?

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.my new baby.

well, as most of you know, my hdd is destroyed, so let me explain this in a chronological event. and as simple as possible with as few words as possible.

not many people can do that you know? they say pictures say a thousand words... let's see if it's true.

i reach the place.... it's called cytech.

then i bought the shit.

i analyze the shit.

i turn it upside down

left to right.

i put it in, from different angles

my two useless bastard sons.

the end.

now, that was fun wasn't it?

.tired and sleepy.

fuck, i am tired. i need a cup of mocha or espresso... maybe even a coffee jelly frapuccino... damn sleepy.

CCB, tired!

Finner Tragedy - Finner's Pier (Part 1)

They call it the “Finner’s Pier”. But that’s only because they have no other way of calling it. For decades, people have been passing the place, ignoring it but they know it is there, they see it through the corner of their eyes every time they pass by it.

The place is standing on top of a platform, connected by a bridge and if that bridge were to fall, the place had no other access but by boat. 7 houses in the middle, 7 houses with one each for every person. They do not share houses, let alone rooms. While people have moved on to semi detached houses with gardens, double storey and even bungalows, these people remain true to their home. The Finner’s Pier, but like I said, that’s only because people have no other way of calling it.

The place is populated by the Finner’s family, the weird bunch. They are all unsocial able, they are all fishermen, they are all a family. No one knows how they find partners, so they were quite surprised 30 years ago when cute little Symphony girl moved in to one of the houses. Symphony was never a Finner’s girl. She was the prom queen, she was a distinguished student, she was successful. Until one day, it all turned upside down. She moved into the place, the dreaded Finner’s Pier, and no one dared to talk to her since. It’s not like she made any effort to communicate anyway. It was just weird.

So, it was no surprise that when Sammy the petite young girl moved in to Finner’s Pier yesterday, people were talking about it everywhere, except near there. She used to smile every day, enjoying life, going out to cinemas, meeting boys, giggling about gossips, and basically the things that a teenager does. Then one day, Joe Finner approached her, and took her away. She didn’t talk to anyone ever since, not even her parents. The police couldn’t do anything, she went there voluntarily, or so it seems.

People used to shout when they passed by the place, hurling insults. One day, Mr. Finner calmly came out from his house and shouted “YOU LOT BETTER GET OUT OF MY LAND OR I’LL STRANGLE THE LOT OF YA, ALL OF YA.” His sound was loud and threatening, and it’s as if it has a frightening effect on the villagers, no one dared to even make their voice audible whenever they pass by the place. They were all as timid as a mouse and as quiet as a thief.

The people are scared now, not because of the place but because of the people. Sammy was a nice girl, and she was never in the remotest sense inclined to Joe Finner. But they got together nonetheless. And her family was weeping ever since. Her ex boyfriend, Torren, couldn't do anything, she refused to see, speak or even listen to him. And there were always that dreaded Joe following her everyday, giving him a disgusting look whenever he approached her.

However, Carea, Sammy's best friend was determined. She wants to know what happened and ain't no Finner is gonna stop her...

to be continued...

*picture courtesy of deviantart.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

.Happy Birthday Suanie.

I was standing in front of the rambutan tree, looking at the red juicy fruits on top when my mother called out “Suanie, come here”. I was lazy, I ignored her. Maybe she wanted me to do some chores or go to the market and buy coconut milk for her. She needed it for her curry chicken tonight. Anyway, I looked back up and imagine the red juicy fruits in my mouth. I can’t help it, I think I am addicted to rambutans, they’re just delicious, especially the ones Pak Abu plants in his backyard. They’re extra juicy.

Mom called out again "Suanie, come here!” This time, I noticed it was louder. I didn’t care, I didn’t feel like walking to Ravi’s shop and helping her. It was a very far walk and the weather is hot. Besides, I’m waiting for her to wash and dry my shorts. I’m practically naked now. It was really normal at that time, everyone below 5 years old were naked everyday, even Kenny.

Suanie, come here now!” mom shouted again. I ignored her and sat down below the rambutan tree, thinking about dinner tonight. If I didn’t go out to help mom buy coconut milk, what would she be cooking tonight?

SUANIE! YOU COME HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I GO AND FIND YOU!”. This was danger. I reluctantly walked up and asked mom with an annoyed face, “What?”.

Her face told me everything. She was as red as a crab!

My mum just found my test paper. I got zero marks for my blogging test. I forgot all about it because and left it in my shorts yesterday. Well, the zero marks coupled with the annoyed feeling of calling me and not getting a response finally exploded. I ran for my life, she ran for mine too.

That was 20 years ago but that was also the day I discovered how fierce mum could get.

p/s: modified from my children literature. a dedication to suanie. Happy birthday!

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.foul is not only a football term.

yes, when i say foul, i mean my mood now. i've been procrastinating on stuffs i don't even want to think about. CCB, if god gave me 48 hours each day, i think i will be sleeping for 45 hours! talk about KNN lazy butt, I think my butt the heaviest shit in earth!

On a different note, i got back my Sony Ericsson K700i. It's such a beauty. I love it. I don't exactly remember or cherish it when i had it but now that it's back, all the darth vader kindamagizmos are back in place. if the CCB joystick fail again, i think i want to change my handphone lar, MCH, the joystick worse than my joystick, always malfunctioning wan. mine always functioning and active wan!

And then a small update on the sexy blogger tee. I've got almost 30 orders. I expect it to reach 30 in a few days or so.
And then, need to wait for the last 20 orders then can ask the chee bye factory to print ady. Thanks to all who made it possible. I owe you all one. If you all like, order more.

And then my friend who i said was a wuss finally asked the girl out for dinner. dunno tonight she jadi go or not. if jadi go then maybe i try to take pictures ok? of the place not of her. CCB you all so hamsap how can post pic of her out here in the brogosphere?!

a lot of things happen in the brogosphere. suanie's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY U DRUNK GIRL YOU! and also from ST.

KY keeps pimping hot chicks! He's a lucky bastard! bid for FA (recommended), Vanessa and Xaviera in his blog. They're all chicks with an atittude, and they all love getting drunk. which is good! :)

minishorts found a meme thing from sinjiapore. why is it called meme? sounds like a sheep or goat belching! yucks! anyway, try out her meemee, i'm gonna give it a try but later on. lazy lar!
and dunno which fucker go and write letter to minishorts. when you write letter to her, you're forever immortalizing your words. she'll scan it, analyze it (syntactically and structurally) before screwing you! so, you're fucking punked.

kenny made me laugh with his rendition of "ah piang" hair!

bah, i love my new working fast pc. i just love it.

downloading : Densha Otoko, Bleach, Yakitate Japan, Eyeshield 21.

for those of you who knew britney spears gave birth and what shit, this just cracked me up!

.pretty fucked up.

my hard disk is gone... both of them, kaput! in one single stoke! MCH! how can that be!

installed a fresh version of windows, now doing some tweaking. works way faster than the previous bad sector hdd. i hate it when i lose all my data.. and my pictures. fuck life. fuck technology, give me pen, paper and a roll of film anyday!

thanks and hugz to my mom who loaned me 300 to get myself a new "80gb 7200rpm w/8mb buffer maxtor" hdd.

to the rest of the world, i'm a sour grape today. don't step on my tail.

sexy blogger tee update : i've got more than 20 orders. yippee! keep it coming!

CCB, more photos and updates tomorrow. busy with PSM and PMS..... i mean assignments!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

.wedging the motivation a bit deeper.

sometimes i just feel tired. yeah, tired of everything. everything that i do in my life has now taken a toll in me.

i feel that all those sleepless nights, constant work, hungry days.. i mean all those things are meant to be there for something. maybe to achieve a goal in life. but after doing it for countless days and nights, i am still here with nothing.

my thesis is undergoing a major renovation due to errors which i am mostly to be blamed. my assignment which i thought i got rid off is now back in my hands waiting for a "redo" or else we'd all stick with the lousy marks she gave everyone. she can be such a bitch at times. my tuition classes are taking a toll on me and the money i earn are lie... non-existent. once you see it, it's gone. i mean i use it for rental, bills, oil (which is getting a tad high), food (which is barely enough) and many more necessities.

what's the use of working for sleepless nights and long hours if you don't see any result at the end of it. isn't work tiring? combine that with studying and you get double the combo. double cheese, double sauce, double hard... double work.... double everything. life is just making things double for me.

i guess i even lead double lives with double personalities, one is the happy go lucky smiley don't give a shit mother fucking asshole that i put up in front of people, the other is the sad, depressed, tired, fucked up fella that i keep in myself.

don't they always say hard work pays off?

what about laziness. does it pay off too?

hard work might kill me if i work until late at night but i guess i haven't much of a choice, sometimes i guess i really have to choose between life, success and a meaningful life. one way, i can sleep , eat healthy, practise, exercise and be healthy and live a longer life. the other i can work all day, all night, focus on my studies, no time for play and hopefully be successful. another one could be partying all day, living life to the fullest and get a meaningful life.

don't tell me to balance these three, there's no way at my age, you can achieve all three. that's why we have stages, the first stage will be life, where we focus on being healthy. that's where our primary and secondary lives occur. the second stage is the success stage where we work hard, study hard and get a paper to get more money in life. once we get that, then we can start enjoying life.

what if i can't reach the third stage? then wouldn't what i'd be doing now a waste? i mean, i want to work hard if i can reap the benefits. not, work hard and fall sick and die.

fuck life.

sometimes when i think of all these shit, all i need is some motivation...

till then...

i need a little sleep and a good cup of jelly frapuccino or Tazo Chai at half price
(i got buy one free one coupon.. hehe..)


p/s: my pc died on me. i need a new HDD cause there's a bad sector in my old one. fuck it, i'm waiting for my ptptn.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

.the amazing things i do and they do.

sometimes i am just amazed at the things i have to do at the age of 22. shouldn't we all be focusing on getting money, writing researches, you know, things which are meaningful.

What did you do when you were 22? i bet you were working your ass off for a big company or a small company or your own company.. things that will bring you somewhere. things that will bring you places, places where you want to be and aim to reach.

at the age of 22, i'm sure a lot of people has shot to stardom, people like christina, britney, owen, and a lot more assholes.

even daniel from malaysian idol who .... (i refuse to say this and forever immortalize this comment)

but he can swoon every girl in the place and he is going places, and he's god damn younger than me. i feel oh... so fucking inferior.

at the age of 22... my dad must be working two jobs struggling between life and mortgage payments and planning his future. at the age of 22, my mom must be planning her future with her husband...


at the age of 22, i waste my time creating and adapting materials for secondary students.

CCB, i pity myself and my group members.
i have no life.

and here are more examples of people who also has no life....

this one a bit too simple ady lar!

they had some popup kindamajiggy which i think is sooo fucking cute. but it just irks me off. makes me want to press on it all the time.

look, there's hishamuddin, posing beside a chick! a real chick! where's the keris?

tang tang tang, i think she's so proud of her work. i like her group's too. it looks simple and portable!

look at the girl (ghandini) she looks awed and
she also looks like she just cured her constipation

monkey group which consists of people who like to eat bananas.

that's bib waving her hand, she just wants to get into my blog and be femes. hehe!

the ultimate group who i secretly think have nothing better to do.
KNN, do so keng for what?

one question, what's with the deepavali lights? why? and the jungle net (not visible here)? WTF? and also the landscape kindamajiggy...? duh?

CCB, at first i thought my group already melebih lebih! wah lau, come out, everyone also melebih lebih!

girls... and competition and jealousy.

i remember when i was in form 3 doing our sejarah and geography assignments. i'm amazed at how the girls can do so much work just for the cover. they'll cut papers, cards and beautify their scrapbook/folio. we guys, we just print a cover and voila, the end. the girls even have little flying things, little flappy things at the corner.. wtf?

i think girl's are too artificial sometimes. not all, just some.

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.the longest yard - a movie review.

it's been a long time since i can say that i had fun watching a show and this movie piece gave me exactly that feeling. with such wonderful casts such as adam sandler, what could go wrong. the last time i catched a chris rock movie, he was with jackie chan.

anyway the movie is about an ex-football player who shaved points (makan rasuah) for his match. it was eventually found out and then his career in football just ends.

desperate and frustrated with his life, he destroys his wife's benette. which i admit was a damn FINE car. it was hilarious watching him wreck it. i wouldn't want that happening to my car.

anyway, tossed into a prison where the wardens takes football with the utmost level of importance, he has decided to co-operate, in fact i think he was forced. soon after, he built a very strong con team and expectedly the warden wouldn't want his officer's team losing.

noone talks about yesterday's sex with the transvestites, deal?

this show has a very good cast with numerous unknowns being thrown into the light, but the main focus is still on adam sandler and chris rocks. and also burt reynolds.

what i love about this shown is the fact that it provided me with clean fun. i haven't got that in a show for a long time, usually it's all girls bimbotic love sappy shows and the classic good vs evil action movie. maybe it's cause i'm a guy. i watch love movies too but i expect them to move a little bit outside the box of "girl/boy falls in love, someone gets hurt, regret, fight back for love, ends".

anyway, this movie is a must watch if ....

you love adam sandler and chris rock
you love football
you want some clean fun with your pals
you love wwe and you adore goldberg and stone cold.

you have the right.. whatever! let's whoop ass!

yeah, stone cold and goldberg was in it. although goldberg shined in his previous movie, ready to rumble with oliver platt, his career was at a standstill, maybe this will propel him and stone cold to more movies later on. maybe they could do a ready to rumble 2 along with the rock also.

oliver, did anyone tell you it's the 20th century now?

overall : 7/10

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.Daily Word & Quote - Part 7.

There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.
- Oscar Wilde

immure: to enclose within or as if within walls.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sexy Blogger Tee Order.

Dear all,

I am sorry to say this but I am at a desperate road here. I have accidentally deleted all your e-mails from my gmail account! Although some are still there but I cannot say for sure who's who! So I would really appreciate it if you all re-send me your order with two details:

Dedicated to Su Ann Lim, yingyi, pehqi, chris, iqing, lilian, pinkpau, pauline, and jolene.

1. Size
2. quantity

Send them to :

I had more than 20 orders at the time and as soon as these people reconfirm their orders, I will be hopefully have more than 50 orders by next month! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

To all those who need to resend their orders, I'm really sorry.


.senegal people wan to gimme money.

today i received spam, it was no normal spam. it was not a spam asking me to buy condoms or endorsing sexual or pirated materials. it was better than that... it was this :
blue italics are excerpts from the letter. the rest are my comments.

Attn: Please,

CCB, you donch know me somemore want my attention, you wan me to kill you and your whole family ar? say hello or dear or need your help! CCB, wan me to help and spam me somemore act like boss. fuck you lar!

I am Mr Yousf Ahmed from Cote-Ivory Abijan.I am 25years old and presently residing in Dakar-Senegal because of the political crisis in my Country. I got your contact in strict confidence through Senegal Chamber of Commerce.

CCB, so young. Senegal got crisis meh? you got my contact from Senegal chamber of commerce ar? i got so keng or not? until the people over there also know me! and wtf is Cote-Ivory Abijan.. Sound like koteh iboli naik bijan! anyway, dun tell me who you are and where you're from and donch gimme the bullshit about the chamber of commerce thing. i screw you ka chng ar!

I would Honestly want to seek for an immediate assistance from you, I have $12.5 Million US dollars belonging to my late Father Mr MUSA AHMED, who was held bondage by the Rebels during the crisis and was letter killed.

CCB, 12.5 million US dollar also your father can be held bondage ar? and his letter was killed ar? or is it you're trying to say later and hostage, CCB, english no good but spell MILLION US DOLLAR so cun!? if you got 12.5 million also cannot save your father, i think your money throw into the toilet bowl better lar. let it smell like sai, because i'm sure they are KANASAI!

I ran to Senegal refugee Camp when I Discovered danger to my life and that of my only sister.My late father has deposited the above mentioned Amount as a consignment with a FINANCE COMPANY for safe keeping before his death and i have every Documents regards the transaction I have contacted the FINANCE COMPANY and confirmed the safety of the money/ inheritance.

He wan to die also can save his money first ar? how? i thought he was held bondage? he untied himself or he ask the bondager to help him go to bank cause he want to deposit money? CCB. tell me clearly lar. boh tao boh bui! (no head no tail). and then how come u have all the documents regarding the transaction? your father sempat fax to you somemore ar? he really keng lar, maybe he gang up with the bondager to bondage him and then see what you do with the money lar!

As it is, I have the intention of investing the money oversees and however needed a Foreigner who is capable of giving adequate assistance to me by the way of clearing the money from the FINANCE COMPANY and the reafter forwarding it to your Account for investments.

Wah, you want to gimme money after your father risked his life to pass it to you. and then you somemore sooo stupid wan to give it to me ar? my ptptn also donch want to gimme money but you idiot from senegal wan to gimme money ar? you want my acc no? you want me to fuck you? you want prostitute? cheap? CCB, got 12.5 million take an aeroplane here lar! wat for wan to gimme money for safekeeping. if you really gimme money i sure hire assasin to kill you ar! CCB. 12.5 million can hire more than 24 assassin to kill you ar! see where you can run in the small Senegal country! sure die wan!

I have map out 35% percentage of the fund for you.My Althernative EMAIL: ( ) If Necessary, Please do feel free to ask me questions on this as I wait for your reply soonest.


Mr Yousf Ahmed???

Mr Yousf Ahmed.

ccb, thank you mr Yusof Ahmed but i think you too stupid ady. 35% for keeping your money? i think better keep 100%. and then i replied you ady... just one senegal word...


in english it's called fuck you you dickhead! you see one senegal word can mean sooo much!

.pomelo head.

well, today is tanglung festival. you know... the one where we all eat moon cake and light up our cute cute tanglung lanterns. yeah, that one lar!

anyway, it wasn't much of a celebration for me this year until my neighbour at the end of the row decided to blow up some fireworks. i managed to catch a few shots but they were lousy shots. bah, what the fuck, you want clear good photos, get me a new camera, if not. STFU!

after that, our neighbour, uncle x gave us mooncakes and pomelos, which everyone in our house were craving for.

i was messing around with my housemate that people from the ancient times don't have any shampoo to make their hair smell nice, so they rely on natural resources like fruits to make their hair smell better. she asked me how can?
i showed her how by rubbing my hair onto the pomelo. good as hell, it smells nice!

anyway, after that, my friend decided to make a fool out of me. which i beat the pulp out of him later. but i gotta admit, it was a good shot.

and then hor, my friend go and use a new pomelo and say her head is smaller than the pomelo. which after this picture, proves how true it is.

hahaha, from now on i think i'm gonna call her pomelo head! i will be pomelo hair. haha!

my friend alsohas this bimbo book which looks good but i still think a bit unpractical. nevertheless it looks real cute. with hairy covers and all, how legally blonde can this get? :)

haih, i everyday busy with work. no time to enjoy also. i feel bored with life. anyone want to buy my t-shirt and make my life happier?

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.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...