.pomelo head.

well, today is tanglung festival. you know... the one where we all eat moon cake and light up our cute cute tanglung lanterns. yeah, that one lar!

anyway, it wasn't much of a celebration for me this year until my neighbour at the end of the row decided to blow up some fireworks. i managed to catch a few shots but they were lousy shots. bah, what the fuck, you want clear good photos, get me a new camera, if not. STFU!

after that, our neighbour, uncle x gave us mooncakes and pomelos, which everyone in our house were craving for.

i was messing around with my housemate that people from the ancient times don't have any shampoo to make their hair smell nice, so they rely on natural resources like fruits to make their hair smell better. she asked me how can?
i showed her how by rubbing my hair onto the pomelo. good as hell, it smells nice!

anyway, after that, my friend decided to make a fool out of me. which i beat the pulp out of him later. but i gotta admit, it was a good shot.

and then hor, my friend go and use a new pomelo and say her head is smaller than the pomelo. which after this picture, proves how true it is.

hahaha, from now on i think i'm gonna call her pomelo head! i will be pomelo hair. haha!

my friend alsohas this bimbo book which looks good but i still think a bit unpractical. nevertheless it looks real cute. with hairy covers and all, how legally blonde can this get? :)

haih, i everyday busy with work. no time to enjoy also. i feel bored with life. anyone want to buy my t-shirt and make my life happier?

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September 18, 2005


Jessie said…
Happy mooncake festival!
Jimmy Ang said…
and a happy belated tanglung festival to you too!

bUttsH4k3r said…
pomelo hair is the new in thing, jimmy :)

btw, happy mooncake festival to you as well.
Jimmy Ang said…
iziit the in thing? i guess i should be keeping the pomelo skins from now on! haha!


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