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i've been missing out on xiaxue, really... i didn't stop reading her because of the fact that she called kl sucky. but it's pretty much because she went on hiatus.

if you want to create fire, you have to be able to take the heat. i thought she was stonger than that. bah... whatever, today i'm not gonna talk about her but rather about myself and an issue in my head which she has just blogged about... should schools have the right to close down students' blogs?

i've been a student and i've been a teacher.

it's hard deciding which one i love more. but both has it's pros and cons. being a teacher, you can scold your students, being a student you can piss the teacher off so he/she can scold or screw you.

If i am a student, I wouldn't like my rights violated. I have a right, a freedom of speech. I can say whatever i like. I can say how badly teachers treated me, I can bitch about my friends, i can even laugh at the teacher's false hair. All these things, no one is supposed to take it away from me.

Imagine having a blog, your only source of venting out your frustrations. nowadays, with the stress of home work and tuition that teachers and parents pile on our shoulders, we rarely have time to go out let alone make friends. so, i want to create a blog where i can bitch about every mother fucker who talk shit behind me, who scolded me for no fucking reason, who fucked me up like a hotdog and etc...

but imagine this, as a teacher, i wouldnt want my immature students to write untrue comments about me. i may have punished him/her but i could've a very valid reason for doing so. teachers don't usually (i emphasize on the fucking word called USUALLY) punish the students without any fucking reason ya know? we don't! (this should be in Ripley's Believe It or Not!) .

I might hv a reason to punish the fella but being a retarded teenager who's pretty much fucking irresponsible, he wouldn't know what the fuck is wrong with himself. then he/she goes on to the internet and curses everyone in my family and me myself for punishing her for no fucking reason.

if i read it, i would go like WTF? this fella's gonna get a big whallop from me. I sure tension wan, go to school sure kick the fella's ass wan! what? you think teachers have no feeling ar? lan cheow lar! teachers are humans, we get fucked up by you? better come prepared with two or three layers of pants the next day.

the fact of the matter is that, schools have regulations. i mean even without these regulations, bitching about your teacher is bad. even if you write it based on experience it could never cease to be biased. i study discourse analysis and believe me, you have no idea how subtle bias could be. would you believe me if i tell you that the press is no longer reporting what we call free speech? believe it cause it's true.

every reporting or article on war, on politics is biased towards one party or the other. it doesn't matter which party is bad, a bias report is still a bias report.

and when students write it will most definitely be biased...


cause there's so much angst... so much fury and so much irrational thinking in a teenager.

so please refrain from negative comments about your teacher until you get out of the fucking school! for god's sake, just refrain for a few years and you'll be out of there. in the meanwhile, stick to bitching about your angsty friends.

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September 29, 2005


Jessie said…
I'm teaching now .. part time also..

and I enjoy it..

and I don't hate my teachers and lecturers..
It's just energy consuming, isn't it?

Just let it be..

And about teenagers...
blame their raging hormones.


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