.work hard play hard.

yes, i can say that, why? cause i work my ass off.

everyday except friday and saturday now. it's confirmed. i teach everynight from ** pm to ** pm everyday except ... yes, friday and saturdays?

what do i do there?

basically i just teach. yes, English. although my English here is rather Manglish as keith has pointed out in the previous post's comment, i assure you, i only type it liddis for amusement purposes. most other sva's are according to grammtical structures. don believe me? check out webster or some other fucking western big shot lan cheow dictionary name.

well, during the day, i go to class. thank god this semester, we start class at 11 every fucking day.. sometimes later which is a bonus but no classes on wednesday. but wednesday afternoon, i have another secondary class. which means i'm fucked up and i have no time. no time to do anything. shit man, you must think i earn a lot. but on the contrary, i earn dipshit little? why? cause i work in a tuition centre and i get paid meagrely. but the environment is ok there.

and my personal student.. only two. i earn 80 bucks a month only. so, fuck you all who think i'm very rich liddat! CCB, i eat also hard.

Now, it's the end of the month and i think i'm left with not more than 20 bucks in my wallet. only one thing i can say.. KNNBCCB.

how about my rent? CCB? my gaji masuk o the 15th! that means in a few days? i just finished all my money? CCB, three months bill i pay last week because the previous month cuti, never work. no gaji. then pay bill and rental. somemore hdd spoil. thank god got some sponsor or not my lan cheow also kecut.

basically i think i'm very tired with life. with my work and assignments. i can cope but what about play?

i used to reserve friday and saturday for play day only, you know, like going out relaxing, watch movies, shopping, those kind of things. but nowadays, no money go lan ar?

it's really tiring... my current life. but i hope there's a ray of sunlight behind all those dark clouds. i hope there's something better at the end of this ordeal? but come to think of it.. i don't even like the job i'm supposed to get or apply.

i don't know where i'm heading.

right now, i just want to cool off, enjoy life. go out more often, meet more people and play like no tomorrow.. but i don't want it to affect my studies. it's just so hard to balance both.

somemore now got new hobby, blogging. CCB, also time consuming wan you know?

but when i look back at it, i laugh my arse off!

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September 26, 2005


Jessie said…
work hard play hard!

Jimmy Ang said…
now cannot play anymore. hehe! but looking forward to it sometime end of this month.


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