.the female agenda.

i don't know why but i like reading minishorts. at a time when i'm so busy with life and having fucked assignments shoved up my head, i feel like i need to take a hiatus from blogoland. but then i just have to click on that darn link which connects me to her. and also that auto complete form feature in my browser which automatically churns out minishorts' url whenever i press the m button.

anyway, reading her post left me with this feeling that i have something to say. yeah, it's because she always tells things from her perspective, a woman's view that i just feel compelled to tell it from my view. a guy's view.

you see Puan Minishorts (PMS) .. pun intended..

kidding kidding, just can't get the fact out that MS is only one letter short of PMS.. and she always have issues with her boyfriend during that time of the month.

anyway, girls or in this case, women are an irrational lot. that's not actually bad but it's not a good thing too.

she mentioned in her post that she wants her bf to pepper his sentences with darling, sweetie pie, luv, strawberry, chocolate or mango... whatever and when he did.. although a bit exaggerating, she gets exasperated. which is normal. i sometimes get exasperated when my advice or orders gets too cooked..

you see, we men will never understand the perils of the dreaded PMS. call it luck, bad luck in your part, call it whatever you want but we could never comprehend it.

but get this, chicks always always try to get us to comprehend it. WHY?

it's really abnormal once we understand it, believe me!

and another thing is girls expect us to understand every single thing in their mind without them saying it. why? why the fuck would we want to do that? get a mind reader. they drop us hints at intervals and expect us to solve it like sherlock holmes. KNN, you think we're so clever liddat meh! if we are, we would have been solving crimes and probing the female agenda.

females do have an agenda you know, their agenda is to throw every men into a menstruation cycle to get back at us for their monthly suffering. and if possible, get us pregnant so that we can understand the 9 months of pain, excruciating back pain and everything lar. basically they want us to feel the horrors that comes in a package with women. KNN, women are born evil.

however, women laugh and scorn and would never wish us to gossip, buy accessories, shopping, you know, those little things that give women pleasure, they don't want us to have it. we must hold the umbrella for them, take care of them, wire the elctric lines, fix pc, fix the car, fix the house, kill the rat, get rid of roaches and do everything for them. but the hell in a women... they want us to understand that. another typical example that women are crazy evil beings.

men, we just want a simple life. enjoy things as they go by. let the world take care of itself, let the neighbour do their own part of the lawn. we want the simple things in life, enjoying a nice cup of coffee wee early in the morning, taking a stroll down the beach, having beautiful kids without the 9 months of hell state and fugliness.

all that while owning a damn expensive sports car and a damn big house with, possibly more than a few wives.

is that too much to ask for?

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September 23, 2005


Anonymous said…
*claps, then bows to Senor~ Jee Mee*
bUttsH4k3r said…
ooooh jimmy..

...i just have to click on that darn link which connects me to her.

it's more than just liking to read what she writes, issit?!

kih kih kih.
Jimmy Ang said…
din : tankiu, tankiu.. tiang kayu.. toh ceh toh ceh!

butty : pervert you!

i want to see when she gonna post herself in minishorts... only. that's what keeps me clicking that link..

darn, is it too much to ask for?
mob1900 said…
i missed out the 'be' ..aaargh typo!
mob1900 said…
..btw i can imagine female leaders all over the world swinging sanitary pads instead of the 'keris'!

i've just made my last statement... im' soo dead...
Jessie said…
Yes.. she can write really well!
Yvonne Foong said…
That's it Jimmy! I don't want to buy your shirt anymore, since you ibsulted the fairer sex this way. heh! :-Þ
Jimmy Ang said…
i no insult leh, just that girls blame it all on pms, we blame it all on.. (no excuse for us leh)

i am just stating my opinon...

who am i kidding. i love female. in fact i wish all female species adore me. but just keep the dreaded monthly ordeal away! hahaha!


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