Sexy Blogger Tee Order.

Dear all,

I am sorry to say this but I am at a desperate road here. I have accidentally deleted all your e-mails from my gmail account! Although some are still there but I cannot say for sure who's who! So I would really appreciate it if you all re-send me your order with two details:

Dedicated to Su Ann Lim, yingyi, pehqi, chris, iqing, lilian, pinkpau, pauline, and jolene.

1. Size
2. quantity

Send them to :

I had more than 20 orders at the time and as soon as these people reconfirm their orders, I will be hopefully have more than 50 orders by next month! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

To all those who need to resend their orders, I'm really sorry.

September 19, 2005


KY said…
you noob! hehehe
Jimmy Ang said…
i blame google and all their gmail space! and their confusing archive and tagging method. i just got my lesson today. I can say only one thing.

Jimmy Ang said…
I've received 10 reconfirmation of order. Where's the other ten?
Anonymous said…
Hey! know your entry in sheylara blog. Nice blog for you, white and bright. Visit me more often. Bye!
Jimmy Ang said…
dun say only! order now! while stocks last!



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