.wahlau! plastic surgery.

i've always wondered how plastic surgery could help people. god knows i need one. lol.

i mean, if plastic surgery is applied, isn't that called cheating?

is it a good thing or a bad thing to get plastic surgery? i was always against it because i saw what it did to MJ. but then after this talk show which was aired in Taiwan and sent to me via e-mail, i think it .. it's a viable option.

natural? au naturale?

who the fuck cares anyway?

this was her b4 the plastic surgery. she said that when she went to find work as a waitress, the boss told her that they wouldn't want to hire her cause they're afraid she'll scare the customers away. and her boyfriend asked her to sit away from him.


double eye lid surgery

nose reconstruction

breast enlargement

removal of excess fats (liposuction?)
my brother will have a few tanks of these.

she hopes/wants to look like sun yan zi or stephanie sun

excess fats from cheeks or smoothening the face, dunno...


face whitening i think or smoothening, blargh!
there you have it, the results of Plastic Idol 5. whatever...
the one, the only..

teng teng teng! keng or not? cun or not? wah lau!


ccb, previously look like kena hentam sepuluh kali,
now look like goddess. MCH.

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September 25, 2005


Anonymous said…
Lol! She became like that? But still after the surgery.. look so-so hehe.
Anonymous said…
i need plastic surgery too. :(
mob1900 said…
i don't see much of a change geh?
ok, i'm gonne use my 'anti-tipu' detector, my hands and mouth! lolx
Jessie said…
she is pretty!...

Whether to do plastic surgery or not..
It doesn't really matter..

as long as you r confidence and love the way u r...

If plastic surgery can do wonders to her.. boost her confidence n stuff.. why not?

This is a matter of individual choices..

Not to our concerns anyway.

But I guess.. it is very important for us to accept the way we are.. and not the society wants us to be!

Love urself..
Jimmy Ang said…
alex: wahlau, say people liddat!

8555: yes, get a body surgery also!

mob : once a pervert, always a pervert

jessie : yeah, at first i think it was just that her features need some sharpening, nothing a good make up wouldn't hide. but what you said is true. if you love yourself, then no one will take you down.


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