Finner Tragedy - Finner's Pier (Part 1)

They call it the “Finner’s Pier”. But that’s only because they have no other way of calling it. For decades, people have been passing the place, ignoring it but they know it is there, they see it through the corner of their eyes every time they pass by it.

The place is standing on top of a platform, connected by a bridge and if that bridge were to fall, the place had no other access but by boat. 7 houses in the middle, 7 houses with one each for every person. They do not share houses, let alone rooms. While people have moved on to semi detached houses with gardens, double storey and even bungalows, these people remain true to their home. The Finner’s Pier, but like I said, that’s only because people have no other way of calling it.

The place is populated by the Finner’s family, the weird bunch. They are all unsocial able, they are all fishermen, they are all a family. No one knows how they find partners, so they were quite surprised 30 years ago when cute little Symphony girl moved in to one of the houses. Symphony was never a Finner’s girl. She was the prom queen, she was a distinguished student, she was successful. Until one day, it all turned upside down. She moved into the place, the dreaded Finner’s Pier, and no one dared to talk to her since. It’s not like she made any effort to communicate anyway. It was just weird.

So, it was no surprise that when Sammy the petite young girl moved in to Finner’s Pier yesterday, people were talking about it everywhere, except near there. She used to smile every day, enjoying life, going out to cinemas, meeting boys, giggling about gossips, and basically the things that a teenager does. Then one day, Joe Finner approached her, and took her away. She didn’t talk to anyone ever since, not even her parents. The police couldn’t do anything, she went there voluntarily, or so it seems.

People used to shout when they passed by the place, hurling insults. One day, Mr. Finner calmly came out from his house and shouted “YOU LOT BETTER GET OUT OF MY LAND OR I’LL STRANGLE THE LOT OF YA, ALL OF YA.” His sound was loud and threatening, and it’s as if it has a frightening effect on the villagers, no one dared to even make their voice audible whenever they pass by the place. They were all as timid as a mouse and as quiet as a thief.

The people are scared now, not because of the place but because of the people. Sammy was a nice girl, and she was never in the remotest sense inclined to Joe Finner. But they got together nonetheless. And her family was weeping ever since. Her ex boyfriend, Torren, couldn't do anything, she refused to see, speak or even listen to him. And there were always that dreaded Joe following her everyday, giving him a disgusting look whenever he approached her.

However, Carea, Sammy's best friend was determined. She wants to know what happened and ain't no Finner is gonna stop her...

to be continued...

*picture courtesy of deviantart.
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September 22, 2005


Anonymous said…
hey u've got a talent at writing ;) sounds interesting..hehe
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks et. will try to post the second part when i have time. haha!


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