.lost but never forgotten.

the feeling of losing something precious, what does it feel like actually?

i had to close down something which i've worked hard on for the past few years. I've put up a lot of work and effort in that place. My soul goes there. People there have seen my ups and downs. my development, evolution...

it is so sad to close down a thing where you've worked on for 3 years and more. I've met great friends there, known countless people, learnt from a lot of them and in return gave them guidance.

It's kinda like a closing time. i feel sad but the dact of the matter is that we all have to evolve. it doesn't matter where we move to but what matters is we look forward. i've decided to change it to a different place. no longer the same place i used to go but hopefully with the same kind of enthusiasm which i visited over the past few years.

i've pondered about this a lot of times. how does it feel to let go of something you've worked so hard and so long on. that made you what you are now...

it definitely will be different. but what i had is not a dream, nor will it be a reality again. it is somehow kinda of like a mix between the both. what we all had is kind of like a dream, remembered but never again.

i've lost a part of me, i took out that part and it doesn't mean that i won't be happy, i'd just be different and different could be good. different could be great, right?

we are all afraid of change, i am, you are, we are. but change is sometimes good. if it's a change for the good, then why scared? if it's a change for the bad, then learn how to adapt and make this a part of your challenge.

i've changed since a few years ago, that's why my forum needs a change. i was interested in that, now i'm interested in all the different things. we have commitments now.. i used to have a hobby but now... i need to have time. time in the real world and not in the net.

sometimes, when i just sit here and wonder about what life could bring for me.. i always end up thinking.. why think? i could never ever fucking know. CCB, bin laden also won't know... what makes me think i could know any better.

the feeling of losing something precious is sad but we'll all get used to it. it's not something which will ravage us for the rest of our lives, it takes a piece of our heart... but gave it to them willingly.

remembered and never forgotten... that's what becomes of our lost.

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September 29, 2005


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