.the amazing things i do and they do.

sometimes i am just amazed at the things i have to do at the age of 22. shouldn't we all be focusing on getting money, writing researches, you know, things which are meaningful.

What did you do when you were 22? i bet you were working your ass off for a big company or a small company or your own company.. things that will bring you somewhere. things that will bring you places, places where you want to be and aim to reach.

at the age of 22, i'm sure a lot of people has shot to stardom, people like christina, britney, owen, and a lot more assholes.

even daniel from malaysian idol who .... (i refuse to say this and forever immortalize this comment)

but he can swoon every girl in the place and he is going places, and he's god damn younger than me. i feel oh... so fucking inferior.

at the age of 22... my dad must be working two jobs struggling between life and mortgage payments and planning his future. at the age of 22, my mom must be planning her future with her husband...


at the age of 22, i waste my time creating and adapting materials for secondary students.

CCB, i pity myself and my group members.
i have no life.

and here are more examples of people who also has no life....

this one a bit too simple ady lar!

they had some popup kindamajiggy which i think is sooo fucking cute. but it just irks me off. makes me want to press on it all the time.

look, there's hishamuddin, posing beside a chick! a real chick! where's the keris?

tang tang tang, i think she's so proud of her work. i like her group's too. it looks simple and portable!

look at the girl (ghandini) she looks awed and
she also looks like she just cured her constipation

monkey group which consists of people who like to eat bananas.

that's bib waving her hand, she just wants to get into my blog and be femes. hehe!

the ultimate group who i secretly think have nothing better to do.
KNN, do so keng for what?

one question, what's with the deepavali lights? why? and the jungle net (not visible here)? WTF? and also the landscape kindamajiggy...? duh?

CCB, at first i thought my group already melebih lebih! wah lau, come out, everyone also melebih lebih!

girls... and competition and jealousy.

i remember when i was in form 3 doing our sejarah and geography assignments. i'm amazed at how the girls can do so much work just for the cover. they'll cut papers, cards and beautify their scrapbook/folio. we guys, we just print a cover and voila, the end. the girls even have little flying things, little flappy things at the corner.. wtf?

i think girl's are too artificial sometimes. not all, just some.

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September 20, 2005


Anonymous said…
woah dude...were the same bloody age.
Jimmy Ang said…
oh, i get it, "we're"

CCB, one small print can make so much difference!
mob1900 said…
the group with the 'festive' lights should get a cookie fer that!lolx

we are your audience, dude.
Jessie said…
Well.. very creative of u!

Anyway, who say u have no life?..
At least ur blog does
Jimmy Ang said…
great, now i have no life but my BLOG does. damn! i hate my blog!
Anonymous said…
fyi, those r Christmas lights, not Deepavali lights.
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks for the great mind numbing REVELATION anonymous.... now i wonder which one you could be?


no offense ok?


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