.scary and hatey.

no, it's just the usual tag meme shit kindamajiggy. this time got tagged by pfft... or mX or reallybites.... CCB, so many name!

7 things that scares the shit out of my ass.
1. losing all my pics... which i just did cause my hdd fucked up!
2. not being able to curse.. like WTF?
3. losing the people that i love
4. getting cancer
5. no more hair on my head
6. shitting from my mouth
7. kennysia's hairy leg and big nipples.... (that one really scary man!)

lazy to do the rest lar...
blog concerns
September 30, 2005


Anonymous said…
hey pfft belongs to mx (me) ;p
i'm the guest blogger for reality really bites ;p

reality bites or RB is eyen, the owner or Reality Really Bites ;p
Jimmy Ang said…
i know that's why i din write your name as eeyean.


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