.in view of fireangel idol day.

what the heck, it's better than those ugly buttons out there.
i mean, it's smaller than those big buttons and bigger than those small buttons.
host it on your own server please.....

p/s: if you use this banner/button/image, please leave a comment. at least i know!

original image from hunting the snark
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September 26, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…

what's the so many people posting about FA?
Jimmy Ang said…
cause FA is the blog idol of 2005.

..also because she curses and drinks.

how legal can that get? oh, and she's still single. albeit a bit old for me but it's still fireangel day!

is this a parody of malaysian idol 2005?

mob1900 said…
I hoist up Her Highness button dee on my blog... makes your blog looks better!
Jessie said…
who is she??

y everybody blogged about her??
Jimmy Ang said…
blog idol of the year. :)


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