Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 126, 127, 128 & 129.

#126 "From dusk till dawn" 1996. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

#127 "The Couple"

#128 "Ray of Light"

#129 "Framed Lomo"

First of all, many thanks to @tstan, @ndru & @chiaoju for the trip today. We had to endure uncertainty as it rained from 2PM till 6PM. Basically, it was a gamble but I'm glad the gamble paid off. The view as usual was crazy.

Enough crap. To get an eyegasm, pls proceed to flickr and view large.

Strobistas: Big ball of fire lightyears away firing at 1/1.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

.being strong is not about talking big.

Photographer Emilio Morenatti and AP Television News videographer Andi Jatmiko were traveling on Tuesday with a unit of the 5th Stryker Brigade when their vehicle ran over a bomb planted in the open desert terrain, the military said.

All four wounded were taken by helicopter to a military hospital in Kandahar. The journalists arrived around midnight Wednesday in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where they were to receive further treatment.

Jatmiko suffered leg injuries and two broken ribs. Morenatti, badly wounded in the leg, underwent an operation in Kandahar that resulted in the loss of his left foot.

If we were faced with such a situation, many of us would blame circumstances. Even wonder and regret the accumulation of experiences which might've led us to this unfortunate event.

Truth of the matter is, many of us complain about shit. Shit happening. And a lot of people write about philosophies.. things we could focus on like the good things, the people around us, love.

Fucking bullshit. We couldn't even begin to anticipate the feeling of a lost leg. We couldn't even imagine the pain we had to go through for physiotherapy. Many of us mourn, threaten suicide, blame god, our friends, our parents, shit like that.

I dare not say that I could understand what it means to lose a leg. But I can say my respect for Emilio Morenatti tops any fucking politician, superstar, world peace advocate or peace missionary.

losing one of his leg didn't stop him. He took up his camera and
started shooting (no pun intended). image via Sabino.

Friday, August 28, 2009

.taktik miskin.

Menjelang akhir bulan gua memang susah. Nak makan pun kena fikir 2 kali. Kalo hidup tiap tiap hari macam ini, dah lama gua putus asa.

Malam ini mak tak masak. Dia suruh gua settle sendiri macam hutang lintah darat gua yang semakin bertimbun. Apa tak, loan gua dengan bank memang belum settle. Bank pun bodoh, gua miskin macam unta pun diorang nak approve loan RM200,000 ngan loan RM70,000. Gua rasa kalu gua mintak loan 1 juta pun approve jugak. Sebab kalo tak buat loan dgn interest takkan nak harap kitorang masuk duit kumpul interest? Sekarang, gua dah tak dengar dah benda benda cam fixed deposit ni. Tak glamer kalo kita cakap ngan kawan.

Semo orang dalam era "investment" ni. Baru boleh dibawa keluar berbincang ngan kawan. Nak cakap pasal fixed deposit macam budak umur 3 tahun cakap pasal cinta. Mesti gelak satu kampung.

Investment gua selalunya atas diri. Sebab gua rasa kalo invest atas diri memang berbaloi. Kurang kurang gua tahu mana duit gua pergi. Lu pulak, invest mana? Petronas? Genting? Entah apa apa lah hangpa ni. Invest diri lagi bagus, boleh dapat baju baru, awek pandang dua kali. Jalan pun terkangkang lebih.

Anyway, lima minit lepas keluar rumah dan angan angan, gua sampai pasar ramadhan.
Gua turun kereta Vios macam orang kaya. Gua pergi tepi longkang, duduk kangkang... chek balance. Dalam poket ada RM10. Semo dalam duit kecil RM1. Gua duduk tepi longkang pikir nak pekena rokok 500 batang. Entah boleh kenyang dulu atau mati dulu?

Gua masuk kereta balik rumah, tak beli makanan pun. Kemudian gua duduk atas sofa tengok TV. Handphone gua ambil keluar dari kocek seluar jeans Levi's yang baru beli bulan lepas. Masa itu, awal bulan lagi.

Gua tekan "SMS" mintak abang beli makanan balik untuk satu keluarga. Malam ini gua terlepas lagi. Esok entahlah. Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

.Arthur's my arse.

Sorry Hunny, you tak boleh pergi Arthur's day to catch Black Eyed Peas!

In case you missed the reason, pls read this article.

MUSLIMS are banned from entering the concert. Thus, even if you don't touch liquor... our government has deemed you incapable of making sensible god abiding decisions. Hunny, congrats.. you're one of the fucking retards our government decided to restrain.

Truthfully, yes... some censorship need to be done like maybe prohibiting the sell of liquor to underage or Muslims... but to go as far as banning them from entering and deeming them incapable of making sensible god abiding decisions is... GREAT. Well done Malaysia. Happy 52nd Birthday!

Day One Two Four - Nothing Box

All guys have a space. A big space not decorated, not filled, not welcomed except to the owner. This place is called "Nothing"

One of my old pictures. Tribute to this post.

Enough crap. View in black.

Strobistas: One Flash on camera right bounced off wall @ HSS. A300 w/ 70210F4.

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p/s: btw, a carnival has arrived. I'm gonna go get myself pictures till I'm silly. LOL.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

.anticipate Jimmy, anticipate.

Somehow, I regret writing this.

Anyway, talking about the latest iPhone 3GS, I'm taking iPhone donations.

You can paypal me or bank in to my account. For more details on how you can make a change in this world, pls comment below with your details.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day One Two One - Stare

Day 121 Stare - original image.

"I'm sitting there staring at you wondering whether you're the one for me" - jimmy.ang

Me and some of my mates were out having coffee below this hotel near my house. I brought my camera to capture anything interesting. Needless to say, someone borrowed the cam and snapped me.

I didn't know who took this and when they took this.

I think the bokeh is great here.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

No, its nothing. Really... nothing.

All guys have a space. A big space not decorated, not filled, not welcomed except to the owner.

This place is called "Nothing". I know its hard to understand if you're a female but yes, we can feign complete inactivity on our brain while breathing. It's kinda cool actually, if the doctor connected our brain and our heart to a monitor, they will be kinda surprised when we go into our "nothing" mode.

And we usually go into this "nothing" mode often. Especially if we're stressed out by something. We work in crazy ways, god made us this way. Every little freaking time something bothers us, we while away our time staring into the horizon thinking about nothing with our mouth wide agape. Its kinda like being a few hundred years back in civilization, back when we were monkeys.

This "nothing" room is a secret to the women. Evolution taught us to know better and subconsciously, we hide it from the female gender. It is inevitable, kinda like fused into our DNA. We don't tell our mom, or our wife about this place. The reason is simple, they could never understand it.

If a female gender walks into the nothing space, they'll walk out from the "we need to add some wallpaper and maybe put a couch here" space. NOOO! The male gender just wants to think about nothing. We are stressed out, we don't want to talk about it, we don't want to solve it... amazingly, we just want to sit on it. Like a chicken warming its eggs. We kinda warm our brain for the influx of activity we'll need to handle when the problem reaches the doorstep.

Women, they don't have this "nothing" space. They only have an "everything" space. Their whole brain is called the "everything" space. If a guy goes into it, they'll never come out alive. That's why the female wonders why we could never understand them. And we could never understand them too. One minute they're talking about "you don't spend enough time with me" but actually they are reaching out to the "you don't love me enough and I hate those pig friends you're hanging out with". See? They think about one thing, spew out another thing and they think it's a legit line... cause in their brain, it's all in the same space... Thus they MUST be inter-related.

Inter-related my arse. You girls are like a freaking mutated rubik cube. Everytime we want to understand something, we need to solve the puzzle first. Then we need to look at the cube, twist it in a different perspective before trying to solve it. By the time we look @ the cube, we're already squatting in the corner of our nothing space dreading to go out.

Girls, guys are dumb. Next time, point out an issue to us in point form. That way, world peace is upon us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day One One Seven - Radioactive

Ok, here's a description of today's shoot.

Parts needed:
One orange
One Flash with wireless capability
Black Background
Macintosh cause they rawk

Shoot Process:
Cut the rear part of the orange into a hole
Ram the flash into the orange
Capture the image multiple times till you get the flash set nicely with the correct exposure

Post Process:
Add text
Add texture
Make sure the subject is not overlayed with texture
Upload to Flickr

Enough crap. View in black.

Strobistas: One F42 fired @ 1/16 rear rammed into subject. A300 w/ 50mm F1.4 @ F2.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

.gua gunting rambut.

Ini rambut gua baru. Gua gunting RM25 saja. Kalo lu gelak, gua saman lu RM2500. Timo Kasih.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day One One Five - Trapped

"Trapped in a cycle"

I don't want to wake up doing the things I am used to, creating shots after shots of things I already know and can foresee. When did I start to feel that the camera is heavy and picking it up everyday is such a chore. I was in a slump. I wanted to give up, I was out of juice, it was hard on me creatively. I feel that the pictures that other people do are ten times better than mine. I look at the screen and look at other images, then I turned my camera screen and think "mine sucks".

That is true.

When did I stop being excited about trips outside? When did I start to care how other people looked at me when I set up my shoot? I don't know.

I just know I must keep on going. I look at other people's images. They look infinitely better. I want to be better. And I know the only way to be better is to take my camera, go out, snap and snap. It will get easier one day. The setup will take less time, the shoot will come out as I imagined, the process will be easier and most importantly... I will find inspiration in the simplest things.

Enough crap. View in black.

Strobistas: 1 HVL F42 @ 1/8 on subject rear pointing at wall (diffused). A300 w/ 50mm F1.4 @ F2.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day One One Four - I AM ME

#114 I AM ME - view in black

"I am me. There is no one else as similar."

OK, sometimes I wish I have a model for photoshoots. Taking self portraits are really difficult esp. with the focusing, setting, trial and errors, etc...

Ok, enough crap.

Strobistas: A300 w/ 50f1.4 @ f2. F42 on top of door firing @ camera left wall 1/16.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.block my arse.

You know our government failed to implement the Teaching of Science and Maths in English right? They blame teachers being inadequate in dishing out comprehensible and legible English sentences. I'm all for it. Man I've seen some dumb ass teachers try to speak English and they're not healthy. Its like talking to a bunch of dogs. Albeit not all teachers are like that but no amount of courses in some 5 star hotel complete with free food from the government can rectify this freaking situation.

Not all though. Some have exceptional command of English. *just to be politically correct for those hard arses out there*

Anyway, my main topic is not about teaching of English in Science and Maths but about this bimbotic Minister of ours. Pls refer to video below.

I don't know who bit his arse and whether his wife refused *favours* for him the night before but reprimanding the reporter for speaking English is just plain dumb from his side. What the hell is wrong with you? Even if the question irks you off and your reason for holding a press conference is to talk about the very important issue of Malaysia's Independence Day, there are far more demanding issues at hand... like the freaking filtering of internet aka PORNOGRAPHY in Malaysia. Bla Bla Bla, bloggers will not be blocked. Bla Bla Bla, our children's future is not a plaything. Who the hell are you to decide what is good for my children? When my children wants to learn about the birds and the bees. I will let him (not her, that's for Ms Mom) watch PORNOGRAPHY. Its part and parcel of growing up. Before INTERNET, you fucking moron, I watched porn at the young age of 12. How? Tape RENTALS @ some obscure makeshift shop. I had a freaking account there to rent freaking PORN. And I go there almost every week with friends to RENT freaking PORN. We would buy popcorns and coke and sit @ home in front of the TV watching ShowGirls and LapDance.

I turned out fucking OK! Albeit a little horny like all men and less than some ministers who decided to have sex with young hot chicks. But the main thing is.. who in the blue hell said censoring internet will help safeguard my children? In fact I think it'll be the opposite. If you want to safeguard my children, make sure the cops are doing their job identifying perverts who molest children. Or stop rapists. If rapists cant get their satisfaction from masturbating in front of the computer, who's to say he/she (I'm not sexist) won't rape your citizens?

Also, before you know it, our government will decide what's good to watch and what's not. Block media, block innocent little young bloggers like me, block CNN cause they spew shit, block National Geographic cause they have images of donkeys having sex, block Anwar's Twitter page... block everything under the sun.

You know what you should block, Mr. Communication and Culture Minister? You should block your face from TV. Cause I don't want to have to wipe my spit off the TV screen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

.Kuala Kurau Photowalk - Final Part.

Pardon the extensive texturing. I guess I'm in one of those phase where I'm learning and trying to incorporate textures. I think they make or break a picture. You just have to choose the right textures to make it work.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

.Kuala Kurau Photowalk - Part 1.

View in black.

Yes, its the early morning, raining and I'm sitting in @TSTan's ride heading over to Kuala Kurau for a photowalk.

A lot of the members were utilizing high gears and film cameras. Old skool plus great gadgets. Me? Trusty old A300 with my 50mm @ 1870DT.

Strobistas: No flash.

View in black.

This is the place I went. A small town fishing village. We were like a bunch of little army invading the village with our nifty DSLRs.

I think Photowalks in big groups really overwhelm people. I usually opt for groups of 4-5 if possible. That way, we're not overwhelming... just whelming. *_^.

Strobistas: Fireball on sky.

p/s: All images in high resolution on my flickr.

Friday, August 7, 2009

.2 Legit 2 Be True.

I'll be donning the skullcap for a long time. Its crazy how short my hair is.

Anyway, this is my room wall. Crazy crowded but I kinda love all those pastings I have on the wall, makes it personal.

Strobistas: 1 HVL F42AM on camera right.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

.the Proposal.

Ok, yesterday I failed to take a portraiture of myself. I was too tired and all that rushing after work to catch "The Proposal" got to me.

The Proposal stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Its more of a romantic comedy where its not the typical guy meets girl, guy falls in love scenario. It gravitates towards, guy hates girl.. guy loves girl. Happily ever after. Or so we assume.

Its a story about a conniving bitch of a boss (think Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada but a toned down version) and her assistant, Ryan Reynolds (the only person who can understand her).

In an attempt to NOT get deported back to Canada and lose her career, she decides to make a business deal with her assistant. However, her actions were caught on by the immigration officer and thus they had to lie to the whole world including Ryan's family. One thing lead to another, evil bitch got soft, assistant fell in love... bla bla bla. LOVE. Tadaaaaa.

I think they're kinda cute and the both of them kinda hit it off.

p/s: I'm still coughing like a bitch on heat.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I will take a picture of my new look when I go back.

Must not be lazy.
Must not be lazy.

Project365 lives on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.looks matter in everything.

don't believe me? go shoot yourself cause you're definitely living in Mars.

I mean, looks don't make everything but they matter. admit it, if you're ugly... you have to work really hard in life. you have to be intelligent and smart and funny. if you're good looking, basically your road is set for you. I mean, ugly people can be top CEOs of big multinational companies, but they have to work harder. If you're good looking, you can like excel cause ppl will like you. doesn't matter if you're really acting like a dick.

if you're ugly and not funny and not smart. man, that'd be tough. it'll be basically like a very shitty food. no one wants to eat ugly tasteless food. it'll really suck.

the other day i was walking and there was this one chick who was showing half her breast... i mean, HALF of her freaking breast. and everyone was oogling. but another girl who was intelligent cause she must be... she's ugly and asian and she was browsing the intellectual books. no one wanted to even serve her. not even the salesgirl there. everybody was looking at the girl with half the showing boobies even though she was browsing something really naive... like magazines... CLEO. or something like that.

Ok, I love CLEO... NOT! It's like the evil anti male guide. It has all these pictures of hot skinny half boobies chicks with tons of make up and every girl would oogle at it and follow their instructions like "How to test whether your guy loves you". Or, "Take this quiz and check whether your boyfriend is cheating". WTF? How would a book know whether a guy is cheating or not. That's like asking your mom whether I wear underwear. Some mom might know but those ugly moms, they'd have no idea. kidding.

so yeah, good looking but acting like a jerk would still score you chicks. but ugly and kind hearted, you'd need to work double hard.

somehow I like to believe that the inside still matters. that attitude will eventually prevail. I know I'm not the best looking guy. But I'm not the worst. So I might need to work on people skills and be funny and try to act cool cause I don't look like Brad Pitt.

However, if you do look like Megan Fox, please leave me a message. Cause ugly people sucks. What's worse than being ugly? Fat and bald. Cause I went to cut my hair and my hair stylist told me I have a bald spot. I'm only 26. WTF? FML.

Just ranting... cause I have to go to work tomorrow and I need to spew shit. What about you? Have you ever met an ugly chick/guy and totally dismiss him/her? But in the end, you found out he/she is actually really cute and funny and easygoing? Or you met a good looking guy/girl and your first impression was really good but in the end, they suck?

Monday, August 3, 2009


ok, Chinese ppl are kinda close minded. me myself included. i mean, we limit ourselves to one race. my mom needs me to marry a good chinese girl from a good family (whatever that means... but you get the drift, no hanky panky hookers, strippers for me... for like forever.)

I mean, I understand why they'd want me to marry a chinese chick, but that's like telling me never to eat strawberry flavoured ice-creams. I could only have "chocolate chips" forever. you see, girls are like ice-creams, no offense, but its just a comparison, get over it. don't ask me to get politically correct, i couldn't give a flying rat's ass. on the outside, they're all different... but once in your mouth.. literally, they all taste yummy. doesn't matter if you're chocolate chips, yam, strawberry goodness or mango sherbet... in your mouth, you're all yummy goodness.

so, i love my mom, i love my culture but i don't like to limit myself to one flavour, it's like opening a cornetto and licking the chocolate chip and leaving all those vanilla to waste, cause i don't like their color... that's racist. i don't do racist.

what if one day someone offers me neopolitan, those three flavoured in a box ice creams? I just lick the chocolate chips and leave those strawberry and vanilla goodness? Noooo, I lick them all.. cause in the end, any flavor gets you feeling good. they're all yummy.

So, yeah, I love my culture and all but not having me getting jiggy with other types of chicks...


Girls are girls, I love them all. And the next time someone asks me to only get jiggy with Chinese chicks and not have interracial babies... I'd buy him a Cornetto. And ask him to lick only the chocolate chips.

Can't really do it, can you. That'd teach him for not letting me have intterracial babies.


Day One Hundred Eight - Sith

"Die Jedi, Die." Darth Maul.

I'm back after a long hiatus. I guess it can't be helped. I was down with Swine Flu and after that, I had like this creative block for the longest time. It feels like forever, more details can be found below.Anyway, I'm back but still not yet ready for an outing. So I guess I'd have to stay at home for a while and get used to making great photos again.

Strobistas: 1 LED torch @ camera left, subject right and 1 HVL F42 on camera right diffused on right wall bounced on subject.

View on black

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...