Day One One Five - Trapped

"Trapped in a cycle"

I don't want to wake up doing the things I am used to, creating shots after shots of things I already know and can foresee. When did I start to feel that the camera is heavy and picking it up everyday is such a chore. I was in a slump. I wanted to give up, I was out of juice, it was hard on me creatively. I feel that the pictures that other people do are ten times better than mine. I look at the screen and look at other images, then I turned my camera screen and think "mine sucks".

That is true.

When did I stop being excited about trips outside? When did I start to care how other people looked at me when I set up my shoot? I don't know.

I just know I must keep on going. I look at other people's images. They look infinitely better. I want to be better. And I know the only way to be better is to take my camera, go out, snap and snap. It will get easier one day. The setup will take less time, the shoot will come out as I imagined, the process will be easier and most importantly... I will find inspiration in the simplest things.

Enough crap. View in black.

Strobistas: 1 HVL F42 @ 1/8 on subject rear pointing at wall (diffused). A300 w/ 50mm F1.4 @ F2.
Project 365
August 15, 2009


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