.the Proposal.

Ok, yesterday I failed to take a portraiture of myself. I was too tired and all that rushing after work to catch "The Proposal" got to me.

The Proposal stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Its more of a romantic comedy where its not the typical guy meets girl, guy falls in love scenario. It gravitates towards, guy hates girl.. guy loves girl. Happily ever after. Or so we assume.

Its a story about a conniving bitch of a boss (think Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada but a toned down version) and her assistant, Ryan Reynolds (the only person who can understand her).

In an attempt to NOT get deported back to Canada and lose her career, she decides to make a business deal with her assistant. However, her actions were caught on by the immigration officer and thus they had to lie to the whole world including Ryan's family. One thing lead to another, evil bitch got soft, assistant fell in love... bla bla bla. LOVE. Tadaaaaa.

I think they're kinda cute and the both of them kinda hit it off.

p/s: I'm still coughing like a bitch on heat.
August 6, 2009


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