.looks matter in everything.

don't believe me? go shoot yourself cause you're definitely living in Mars.

I mean, looks don't make everything but they matter. admit it, if you're ugly... you have to work really hard in life. you have to be intelligent and smart and funny. if you're good looking, basically your road is set for you. I mean, ugly people can be top CEOs of big multinational companies, but they have to work harder. If you're good looking, you can like excel cause ppl will like you. doesn't matter if you're really acting like a dick.

if you're ugly and not funny and not smart. man, that'd be tough. it'll be basically like a very shitty food. no one wants to eat ugly tasteless food. it'll really suck.

the other day i was walking and there was this one chick who was showing half her breast... i mean, HALF of her freaking breast. and everyone was oogling. but another girl who was intelligent cause she must be... she's ugly and asian and she was browsing the intellectual books. no one wanted to even serve her. not even the salesgirl there. everybody was looking at the girl with half the showing boobies even though she was browsing something really naive... like magazines... CLEO. or something like that.

Ok, I love CLEO... NOT! It's like the evil anti male guide. It has all these pictures of hot skinny half boobies chicks with tons of make up and every girl would oogle at it and follow their instructions like "How to test whether your guy loves you". Or, "Take this quiz and check whether your boyfriend is cheating". WTF? How would a book know whether a guy is cheating or not. That's like asking your mom whether I wear underwear. Some mom might know but those ugly moms, they'd have no idea. kidding.

so yeah, good looking but acting like a jerk would still score you chicks. but ugly and kind hearted, you'd need to work double hard.

somehow I like to believe that the inside still matters. that attitude will eventually prevail. I know I'm not the best looking guy. But I'm not the worst. So I might need to work on people skills and be funny and try to act cool cause I don't look like Brad Pitt.

However, if you do look like Megan Fox, please leave me a message. Cause ugly people sucks. What's worse than being ugly? Fat and bald. Cause I went to cut my hair and my hair stylist told me I have a bald spot. I'm only 26. WTF? FML.

Just ranting... cause I have to go to work tomorrow and I need to spew shit. What about you? Have you ever met an ugly chick/guy and totally dismiss him/her? But in the end, you found out he/she is actually really cute and funny and easygoing? Or you met a good looking guy/girl and your first impression was really good but in the end, they suck?
August 4, 2009


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