.being strong is not about talking big.

Photographer Emilio Morenatti and AP Television News videographer Andi Jatmiko were traveling on Tuesday with a unit of the 5th Stryker Brigade when their vehicle ran over a bomb planted in the open desert terrain, the military said.

All four wounded were taken by helicopter to a military hospital in Kandahar. The journalists arrived around midnight Wednesday in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where they were to receive further treatment.

Jatmiko suffered leg injuries and two broken ribs. Morenatti, badly wounded in the leg, underwent an operation in Kandahar that resulted in the loss of his left foot.

If we were faced with such a situation, many of us would blame circumstances. Even wonder and regret the accumulation of experiences which might've led us to this unfortunate event.

Truth of the matter is, many of us complain about shit. Shit happening. And a lot of people write about philosophies.. things we could focus on like the good things, the people around us, love.

Fucking bullshit. We couldn't even begin to anticipate the feeling of a lost leg. We couldn't even imagine the pain we had to go through for physiotherapy. Many of us mourn, threaten suicide, blame god, our friends, our parents, shit like that.

I dare not say that I could understand what it means to lose a leg. But I can say my respect for Emilio Morenatti tops any fucking politician, superstar, world peace advocate or peace missionary.

losing one of his leg didn't stop him. He took up his camera and
started shooting (no pun intended). image via Sabino.
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August 29, 2009


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