Day 126, 127, 128 & 129.

#126 "From dusk till dawn" 1996. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

#127 "The Couple"

#128 "Ray of Light"

#129 "Framed Lomo"

First of all, many thanks to @tstan, @ndru & @chiaoju for the trip today. We had to endure uncertainty as it rained from 2PM till 6PM. Basically, it was a gamble but I'm glad the gamble paid off. The view as usual was crazy.

Enough crap. To get an eyegasm, pls proceed to flickr and view large.

Strobistas: Big ball of fire lightyears away firing at 1/1.

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August 29, 2009


chiaoju said…
#129 looks really nice. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
Because Ndru kacau the frame. That poser. LOL.


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