ok, Chinese ppl are kinda close minded. me myself included. i mean, we limit ourselves to one race. my mom needs me to marry a good chinese girl from a good family (whatever that means... but you get the drift, no hanky panky hookers, strippers for me... for like forever.)

I mean, I understand why they'd want me to marry a chinese chick, but that's like telling me never to eat strawberry flavoured ice-creams. I could only have "chocolate chips" forever. you see, girls are like ice-creams, no offense, but its just a comparison, get over it. don't ask me to get politically correct, i couldn't give a flying rat's ass. on the outside, they're all different... but once in your mouth.. literally, they all taste yummy. doesn't matter if you're chocolate chips, yam, strawberry goodness or mango sherbet... in your mouth, you're all yummy goodness.

so, i love my mom, i love my culture but i don't like to limit myself to one flavour, it's like opening a cornetto and licking the chocolate chip and leaving all those vanilla to waste, cause i don't like their color... that's racist. i don't do racist.

what if one day someone offers me neopolitan, those three flavoured in a box ice creams? I just lick the chocolate chips and leave those strawberry and vanilla goodness? Noooo, I lick them all.. cause in the end, any flavor gets you feeling good. they're all yummy.

So, yeah, I love my culture and all but not having me getting jiggy with other types of chicks...


Girls are girls, I love them all. And the next time someone asks me to only get jiggy with Chinese chicks and not have interracial babies... I'd buy him a Cornetto. And ask him to lick only the chocolate chips.

Can't really do it, can you. That'd teach him for not letting me have intterracial babies.


Day One Hundred Eight - Sith

"Die Jedi, Die." Darth Maul.

I'm back after a long hiatus. I guess it can't be helped. I was down with Swine Flu and after that, I had like this creative block for the longest time. It feels like forever, more details can be found below.Anyway, I'm back but still not yet ready for an outing. So I guess I'd have to stay at home for a while and get used to making great photos again.

Strobistas: 1 LED torch @ camera left, subject right and 1 HVL F42 on camera right diffused on right wall bounced on subject.

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Project 365
August 3, 2009


Anonymous said…
Nit likes this.
(In true FB style..too bad, I can't do the thumbs up)
Syeida Alli said…
i am an ice-cream... wow.. your hypnotism works!
Jimmy Ang said…
nit... true FB style yeah!
Syeidafiz, i can't believe I made you into an ice cream. now try ayam goreng.


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