Day One Two Four - Nothing Box

All guys have a space. A big space not decorated, not filled, not welcomed except to the owner. This place is called "Nothing"

One of my old pictures. Tribute to this post.

Enough crap. View in black.

Strobistas: One Flash on camera right bounced off wall @ HSS. A300 w/ 70210F4.

I'm on twitter: @jimmyang.

p/s: btw, a carnival has arrived. I'm gonna go get myself pictures till I'm silly. LOL.
Project 365
August 26, 2009


Anonymous said…
i link u after i've found ur link on hanis zalikha blog. tehehe. very nice. i love ur photography pix. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
LOL. I'm visiting ur blog too right now. Great reviews.


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