No, its nothing. Really... nothing.

All guys have a space. A big space not decorated, not filled, not welcomed except to the owner.

This place is called "Nothing". I know its hard to understand if you're a female but yes, we can feign complete inactivity on our brain while breathing. It's kinda cool actually, if the doctor connected our brain and our heart to a monitor, they will be kinda surprised when we go into our "nothing" mode.

And we usually go into this "nothing" mode often. Especially if we're stressed out by something. We work in crazy ways, god made us this way. Every little freaking time something bothers us, we while away our time staring into the horizon thinking about nothing with our mouth wide agape. Its kinda like being a few hundred years back in civilization, back when we were monkeys.

This "nothing" room is a secret to the women. Evolution taught us to know better and subconsciously, we hide it from the female gender. It is inevitable, kinda like fused into our DNA. We don't tell our mom, or our wife about this place. The reason is simple, they could never understand it.

If a female gender walks into the nothing space, they'll walk out from the "we need to add some wallpaper and maybe put a couch here" space. NOOO! The male gender just wants to think about nothing. We are stressed out, we don't want to talk about it, we don't want to solve it... amazingly, we just want to sit on it. Like a chicken warming its eggs. We kinda warm our brain for the influx of activity we'll need to handle when the problem reaches the doorstep.

Women, they don't have this "nothing" space. They only have an "everything" space. Their whole brain is called the "everything" space. If a guy goes into it, they'll never come out alive. That's why the female wonders why we could never understand them. And we could never understand them too. One minute they're talking about "you don't spend enough time with me" but actually they are reaching out to the "you don't love me enough and I hate those pig friends you're hanging out with". See? They think about one thing, spew out another thing and they think it's a legit line... cause in their brain, it's all in the same space... Thus they MUST be inter-related.

Inter-related my arse. You girls are like a freaking mutated rubik cube. Everytime we want to understand something, we need to solve the puzzle first. Then we need to look at the cube, twist it in a different perspective before trying to solve it. By the time we look @ the cube, we're already squatting in the corner of our nothing space dreading to go out.

Girls, guys are dumb. Next time, point out an issue to us in point form. That way, world peace is upon us.
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August 20, 2009


pelf said…
You never failed to make a laugh at your male/female observations. You did it once many years ago when I started following your blog, and you have never stopped doing it.

Just wanted to let you know this :)
Jimmy Ang said…
Pelfie... I still have you on my google chat. It seems like ages ago we knew our blogs. I was wondering whether you still remember me.

BTW, thanks.


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