.Kuala Kurau Photowalk - Part 1.

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Yes, its the early morning, raining and I'm sitting in @TSTan's ride heading over to Kuala Kurau for a photowalk.

A lot of the members were utilizing high gears and film cameras. Old skool plus great gadgets. Me? Trusty old A300 with my 50mm @ 1870DT.

Strobistas: No flash.

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This is the place I went. A small town fishing village. We were like a bunch of little army invading the village with our nifty DSLRs.

I think Photowalks in big groups really overwhelm people. I usually opt for groups of 4-5 if possible. That way, we're not overwhelming... just whelming. *_^.

Strobistas: Fireball on sky.

p/s: All images in high resolution on my flickr.
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August 9, 2009


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