Sunday, April 29, 2007

.a review of Philips HS850.

Philips HS850 neckband

i got my product from lelong. looks cool. a Philips HS850 neackband headphone. take a look at it yourself. sets me back at RM75 + 10 for postage.

the sound makes a nice reverbating bass effect and the phones fit comfortable resting in your ear.

edit : after using it for the past 3 hours in my office, i find no distortion at minimum volume and even at maximum volume level. The earphones fit nicely and doesn't irritate after a few hours. The ear hook is very soft but it does get a little tight after a while and proves to be quite a discomfort.

the whole product is really cool as it blocks out external noise to minimal level. it doesn't hurt to turn a few eyes too. *-^


Kaching Machines

At first there was coin slotting drinks, then snacks, then ciggies, now a new innovation i guess.

in japan, they have coin slotting machines for EVERYTHING. yeah, name it. every freaking stuff.

Malaysia, it's just coming up but there's a new addition in E-Gate's Toilet, Penang.

Yeay! Now you can buy condoms in toilets. What a wonderful innovation.

p/s: in remembrance of World AIDS day, let us all have protected sex today. even if it's your husband. it'll sure piss him off.

.comfort food is good.

Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall.

I ordered a serving for one cause the waiter recommended one serving for two persons. true enough, it is more than able to fill two tummies. :)

anyway, it's been a long time since i post pictures, so here's one. *-^

doesn't it make you crave for one right now?

Swensen's Regular Earthquake

yummy, ice creams are my comfort food. strawberries dipped in chocolate is one of it too.

the middle bottle is for the smokes coming out. makes the whole restaurant look at us while we take a dip in it. *-^

lookie lookie, nice.

our 8 choices of toppings were : mango (nice), orange (nice), lime (nice), chocolate top, yummy raisin (alcoholic), yam, ... some i forgot. :P


a night in SOHO

had a blast with BeetleCharn, chickyChien, vintageVin, and JosieJason. I even learned salsa.. or was it cha cha? forgot... nvm.

i think it's nice i move a bit cause when i work... i sit as if my ass is stuck to the chair.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


you know what's weird?

weird is when...

the road leading to the penang bridge combines 4 main roads into 2.

it is always packed when you're most tired.

it is packed even on a public holiday.

you wake up without an alarm going off and realize you woke up an hour early after getting through all the usual routines.

you're the first person to reach office and the office is not open.

you want to ask someone out and think about it.. but just can't say it out.

no matter how high your pay is.. it never is enough.

you go to a club but would rather sit down and bask in the atmosphere.

you want to go yamcha but end up in a club.

you screw the people who drive like mad when you are one mad driver yourself.

you know it leads to no where but commit yourself to it anyway.

it's just weird.


si sa poh!

i need to find a nickname for a particular person.

what's a good nickname?


Thursday, April 26, 2007

.life's surprises.

you know the phrase..

"when you thought things were fine and dandy, life sneaks up behind you and pokes you in the arse"?

yeah, that's what happened today.

just when i thought things were running smooth.. a traffic jam appears.

the bridge was a smooth ride. but then Bayan Lepas junctions were jammed and packed all over. every freaking intersection and corner.

it's a freaking public holiday to most ppl. but yet, an insurmountable amount of cars appear.

i think the amount of idiots on four wheels are increasingly high these days. we should promote accident prone areas so that more dumb, reckless ppl die and free up some space for the Malaysian road community.



Blinky blinky

My eyes can't stop blinking. i wonder what's wrong... ?

eye spasms, i guess.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

.premature awakening.

woke up at 5 today. can you freaking believe that.. 5? and i thought it was 6. so i went about doing my things.

and i only got to know i woke up early when an hour later, i asked mom for the newspaper and she said "it won't reach for another hour.. 6.30."

"but it's already 7"

"it's only 6 dumb-dumb"


i can't believe i woke up at 5! still can't believe it now. i guess yesterday i slept quite early. i was too tired from all the work that after i finished my tuition class, i plopped on my bed and snoozed off.


Lunch Crap

went for lunch with my SA, DudeDes and Manager, EverElmi. Amazingly, they're really kewl. Had a blast in KFC talking.. mostly about the company.
DudeDes managed to squeeze in some crap about girls *-^. haha.

i gtg and work now. although they're really kewl, i doubt they'll tolerate blogging during office hours. although i can't see what's wrong with it. haha.


Morons in court.

while reading articles for my research, i came across this particular info:

Before the Court are two separate morons for partial reconsideration filed by the...

after blinking my eye twice... i realized...


my eyes need rest. maybe my brain too. too much reading on the net. T.T

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

.reviews anyone?

should i do a review for "Wild Hogs" and/or "Meet the Robinsons"?

basically what i can say about "wild hogs" is... it's actually good. very good.

meet the robinsons?
i just watch it for the t-rex part. but the subtitles for that part were in some thai language. so.. kinda sucks.

go watch it yourself now. don't be a cheapskate.

Monday, April 23, 2007

.procrastination blues.

it's the monday blues. it's gotta be that. no wonder my eyes feel like closing on a monday morning. i know it doesn't help..the fact that i slept at 2.30am yesterday. my heads feels like they're about to explode and mushy brainmeat is gonna splatter all over this cubicle.

thus i sit down in my cubicle trying to finish up some work but i end up writing this blog and listening to Gym Class Heroes' The Queen and I, which is awesome by the way.

Procrastination, another bitch of a word i've fully met and understood. i'm trying very hard to stop my ways of procrastination and the more work i get done... the more work keeps coming in. maybe i shouldn't be doing stuffs so fast anyway. maybe procrastination is good, but since we're sooo blinded by corporate talks that we forget about the perks procrastination gives us.

for one, procrastinating makes us happy. cause we feel we have less work. the only work we have are piled up on a couple of especially cute days.

two, procrastinating makes us feel special. everyone's doing some shitty work while we're laying low trying to take a short nap or eating the last of our munchkins.

three, procrastinating keeps the blood pressure down on most days. except on the deadlines, where it's especially high. but other than that, we're having much lower pressures. beats average blood pressure anytime.

any more perks about procrastinating? don't forget to share. we all just wanna feel good about something we do... although we know its wrong.



Mighty MOUSE

My mom calls you mousy.

"Why mouse?"

Dunno, she says you look like mouse.



Even if I'm a mouse.... I want to be the Mighty Mouse.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

.dead in love.

i lay down looking at her face. she reminds me of everything sweet, and i think to myself.. how could i fall back into the hole i tried so hard to crawl out of.

i lie here beside her. pretending to be far yet wanting to be near.

she notices me looking at her as she peeks to the right. i can see it. but she pretends. pretends not to know. shy... *-^

but when she does turn around to peek, i lean forward and let events take its course.

isn't it weird how every curve fits perfectly into one interlocking knot? i don't know where my lips start and hers end.

i fell in love again.

then i take her into my arms and let her lie nestled like a baby. she holds her head up and i lean down...

we kiss again.

Friday, April 20, 2007

.design overhaul progress.

basically, the design is tentative. inspiration from aileen. the bomb.

i still need to tweak some stuffs but i got a new coding project coming up and my responsibility in work is getting heavier. it'll have to do until i get some time for myself.

the loading time might be slow the first time but once it caches in, it should be fine.

still need a horizontal navigation for getting back to the mainpage, right now, just use the chicklet to get back to the mainpage.

one thing for sure, it'll kill the 56k'ers.

edit: changed and added some stuffs. including side img and home navigation.
edit 2: changed to three column view. a bit crowded... no?
edit 4: thinking of adding some colours to make this dull site.. not so dull. but out of ideas.

pending : footer image (completed)... misc...

edit 3: this is all taxing. i don't think i'm gonna be doing a blog overhaul in the next 1 year or two. seriously.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


very very busy with work. how to cope?

too many stuffs.

will be MIA for a while. hope you guys don't mind.


p/s: everything under design.. pls gimme a moment. no time this week and next week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

.under construction.

after looking at aileen's makeover. i'm going for one too.
so, urm... under construction. k?

Monday, April 16, 2007


sitting at my desk in this training room, i found a word which particularly piqued my interest. unconscionable.

it seems particularly weird, kinda like a mix between unconscious and being able. my first instinct tells me that this wasn't the case. English, being the bitch that she is will surely come up with some kind of weird new meaning for seemingly harmless compounded words.

example 1
the unconscionable quest for oil led to immoral vocations. it is not what immoral deeds a person can do which scares us right? it is actually what immorality can achieve which will scare us.

somebody once told me that war is merely the beginning of something great, but the process makes everybody involved an entity of immorality. for those who kill are not only killing to defend then, they are killing for a quest. be it wealth, life, or a belief. noone kills for freedom. everyone kills for something far more selfish than that. believe it or not, humans are flesh, blood and greed.

example 2
my unconscionable love for a person has led me to a state of moribund. where i am all but bone and ash. no feelings left.

it's been more than a week since i last talked to her. but it seems like eternity

unconscionable, what a bitch of a word. should've kept it in the dictionary. and maybe locked up.

.somethings are not meant to be said.

i was sitting in between my two friends watchin the shooter last friday.

there was this particular part in the whole movie where the hero, mark wahlberg, tries to "getting jiggy" with his deceased partner's wife.

so, as i look on the movie, i turned to my right and told virginjase that if he dies, rest assured, the person on my left, suckykee will take good care of his wife.

he said some incomprehensible words which are too polite for this blog but me and suckykee were laughing our heads off.

this morning, suckykee mentioned the whole issue again.
i repeated myself and said,

"if virginjase dies, you'll take care of his gf right?"

suckykee : "but she's second hand. i dun wan, give to you."


"..... VIRGINJASE, come listen to what suckykee said..."

me da evil! haha!

Friday, April 13, 2007

.quote of the day.

"they say nobody wins in a war, but that's not true. love wins, love always wins."

.for you.

i'll be there in a second for you...

but i know he understands you more than i do,
i know he touched you deeper than i do,
i know i'm not the best in your heart,
i would never deny he's the one who's better for you,
so please forgive me when i'm quiet,
when i refuse to talk.

i'm sorry.

although i still love you,
i should leave you,
i should forget you.

i still miss you,
but i close my heart,
in the hope that you'd never appear again,
never to let me feel this pain again.

this time,
i say goodbye to you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

.2 years old blog.

2 years ago, i did my first post.

at that time, the main purpose of this blog is more like a diary and a medium to vent my frustrations. i realize that as time pass by, this blog has become more like a confidante.

cheers for more to come.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

.best songs evarrrrr..


(Akon) Don't Matter & (Gwen Stefani) Sweet Escape
best fucking songs evarrrrrr.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

.letting go and giving in.

isn't it strange how everyone around us is searching for something better?
and when they've found it, they're afraid of the change.

i guess what makes us comfortable makes us safe. it creates an emotional bubble where we are clear of the expectations and surprises.

but the bubble we immerse ourself in separates us from reality and the good or bad things that come with it.

the only way we can bring change into our life, good or bad... is by stripping ourselves of this safety net and lay ourself out for the change.

let the hurt, hurt us and let the pleasure, please us.

experience life without expectations.

i guess that's what i'm trying to do.

but why the fuck it is sooo hard to practice what i preach?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

.lack of life.

colleagues are overrated. i mean, i went to work thinking i can score some chicks meet some new friends and probably hang out with new and varied people. but i see all these people of different races... and they stick together.

what a bunch of degenerate lowlife racist idiots. but i think i'm getting the hang of work. it's pretty easy work in my opinion but it takes some getting used to cause i just got my first case on thursday. my first freaking case.

i miss my high school friends. and i miss all my friends i used to hang out with. with the exception of the few sarcastic two faced lowlife bastards.

my, that was a bit harsh... even for me.

i've been getting kinda a down mood these few days.
not because i'm broke or i had an accident. those kind of things never get to me.

just, you know... all these lack of social life and someone to talk to.
i miss SuperSam. she's someone i can talk to at times. and she's cool.
but she's having the time of her life in... god knows where.... i can't remember.

and i asked SweetKit when she'd be back and he says... "I have no idea, not having much contact with her"

there's tons of shows i've been missing and i want to catch up. Like Mr.Bean, Meet the Robinsons, The Reaping, Mukhsin and the upcoming Spiderman 3.

maybe AbsolutBas will come out with some plans this week. hopefully.....

not gonna be crossing my finger though.

Friday, April 6, 2007

.momentary insanity.

it's indescribeable,
this feeling i bear,
this knowledge i have,
everything that i've built,
everything i've protected,
looks so vulnerable now,
because in your presence,
i feel naked,
stripped of protection.

time and time,
we tell ourselves,
that whatever we have is a lie,
whatever we have is temporary,
but it's been so long,
and we still have it,
but i can say for sure,
i'm not getting stronger.

as i change,
i noticed that not many change,
whoever i've been trying to be,
is no different to everyone else,
i'm just me,
love me for me,
and hate me because i'm who i am.

it's surreal,
that everyone around else,
is fighting for the same thing,
things that don't matter for long,
things that bring comfort ,
but we forget about the things that bring meaning.

the sun is out,
the moon is up,
the stars are shining,
but i can only look for a while,
cause i need to be somewhere else,
but the scene i saw for a while,
it's amazing isn't it?

i'm getting old,
my body is becoming puny,
my mind is failing,
but my love can only get stronger.

i love my family,
i heart my friends,
i cherish myself.

i need you,
whoever you are,
because you complete me.

- jimmy ang

Thursday, April 5, 2007


ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

Extroverted (E) 72.22%

Introverted (I) 27.78%

Intuitive (N) 62.86%

Sensing (S) 37.14%

Feeling (F) 58.97%

Thinking (T) 41.03%

Perceiving (P) 68.57%

Judging (J) 31.43%

think i should be a journalist based on this result?

my fav career based on this result is sooooo accurate ok?

performer, actor, entertainer, songwriter, musician, filmmaker, comedian, radio broadcaster/dj, some job related to theater/drama, poet, music journalist, work in fashion industry, singer, movie producer, playwright, bartender, comic book author, work in television, dancer, artist, record store owner, model, freelance artist, teacher (art, drama, music), writer, painter, massage therapist, costume designer, choreographer, make up artist

my personality is also very accurate ok?

outgoing, social, disorganized, easily talked into doing silly things, spontaneous, wild and crazy, acts without thinking, good at getting people to have fun, pleasure seeking, irresponsible, physically affectionate, risk taker, thrill seeker, likely to have or want a tattoo (so freaking true!), adventurous, unprepared, attention seeking, hyperactive, irrational, loves crowds, rule breaker, prone to losing things, seductive, easily distracted, open, revealing, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, attracted to strange things, non punctual (dun complain next time i'm late), likes to stand out, likes to try new things, fun seeker, unconventional, energetic, impulsive, empathetic, dangerous, loving, attachment prone, prone to fantasy

problem with current career cause these are in my least favored careers.... die lar.

data analyst, scientist, researcher, financial advisor, business analyst (current job), govt employee (so true), office manager, mathematician, investment banker, office worker, computer tech, it professional, network engineer, strategist

link : here

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

.mysteries of shapeshifters categorized.

Subject : Shapeshifters

Definition : A despicable state of female human form.

  • Plum
  • Chubby
  • Fat
  • Obese
  • Ok lar.
Definition : A higher hierarchy of shapeshifter. If the mass of the face is equivalent to the combined mass of both arms and more, it would fall under this category. To ensure compliance to ISO1983, the size of the face must also be equivalent to the size of the arse.

Definition : If the mass of the tummy is equivalent to the combined mass of every other body part including the face, it would fall under this category. To ensure compliance to ISO1983, the biggest circumference of the tummy should not be less than 30cm.

Definition : If the suspect looks down and could not sight the outer layer of her toenail, she would fall under this category. There is no ISO that caters to such a large entity yet. It is said to be tabled in the next parliamentary meeting but it is facing great debate. This is due to the standard agreeable weight. Members of the parliament are trying their best not to give false positives to subjects who fall under this category.

Definition : A very heavy person. If you see one, you really can't miss it. I mean, they're... like transformers... big!

Ok lar
Definition : A big entity which falls under the shapeshifters category but due to personal connections (see friend's bitch or classmates or colleagues or best friends), the exact category of the aforementioned entity cannot be revealed to the public at the moment. The exact category however, can be revealed when every connection associated with the entity is out of earshot.
This usually happens when friends bring their bitches over for communal meetings or during interrogations. It could also happen during Truth or Dare Sessions (see lie also)

.Terrorist Threat Creates Massive Jam.

i shall try to describe the chaos today in the form of a news report.
believe me, today totally sucks.

PENANG - A twist of events today led hundreds of island and mainland dwellers stranded for hours. In what was reported to be a suspected terrorist threat, police cordoned off a large part of the Penang Bridge to comb for bombs and other possible threats.

According to a "kepohchi", Mr. Timmy Ang, the chaos might have started from as early as 3 to 4 pm and will likely continue into the wee hours of night.

However, observers and stranded users of the Penang Bridge reported that the bridge was opened for normal traffic at around 7.15 pm. A frequent bridge user, Mr. Jeemee, commented that although the bridge resumed normal operation around 7.15, the traffic was still crawling even until 9pm.

Mr. Jeemee also said "These terrorists are idiots. They're dumb, inconsiderate and totally without brains. If they have the slightest brain cell, they would know that such acts of random bombing will incur the wrath of their god. I'm sure in their bible somewhere they have the words 'Random Bombing to gain approval into heaven or to gain obscenely large amount of pleasure'. I think they should include somewhere in their bible the words 'Kill yourself to save humanity'. I'm not sure but I believe that these terrorists are in the same league as Mat Rempits and cockroackhes. They should create a cult called IDOL (Idiots and Dumbasses of the Living)."

It is with hope that the next time such a threat occurs, the terrorists might have the balls to actually blow something up. The least they could do is strap themselves up with C4 explosives and march into a gang of rampaging Mat Rempits. - Bernono

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

.surprise in the mail.

i've received a REAL testimonial. yeah, after so long... a real testimonial in my friendster.
thanks ecot.

it's been such a long time since i've received a real testimonial. none of those picture moving, song singing, flash pasting testimonial. those are kind of lame IMHO.

anyway, as i've mentioned previously... i received a surprise in my mail. yeah, it came in the form of slow mail. i've vaguely remembered having slow mails when i was in secondary. those kind of things are slowly but surely getting rare.

but the feeling of opening a slow mail is nostalgic. unlike those e-mails, opening a slow mail requires a lot more anticipation. also a lot more personal.

know what i got?

a small fashion booklet from Padini and a RM30 voucher.
commercial strategy but refreshing and a surprise nonetheless.

don't you just <3 slow mail?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...