.momentary insanity.

it's indescribeable,
this feeling i bear,
this knowledge i have,
everything that i've built,
everything i've protected,
looks so vulnerable now,
because in your presence,
i feel naked,
stripped of protection.

time and time,
we tell ourselves,
that whatever we have is a lie,
whatever we have is temporary,
but it's been so long,
and we still have it,
but i can say for sure,
i'm not getting stronger.

as i change,
i noticed that not many change,
whoever i've been trying to be,
is no different to everyone else,
i'm just me,
love me for me,
and hate me because i'm who i am.

it's surreal,
that everyone around else,
is fighting for the same thing,
things that don't matter for long,
things that bring comfort ,
but we forget about the things that bring meaning.

the sun is out,
the moon is up,
the stars are shining,
but i can only look for a while,
cause i need to be somewhere else,
but the scene i saw for a while,
it's amazing isn't it?

i'm getting old,
my body is becoming puny,
my mind is failing,
but my love can only get stronger.

i love my family,
i heart my friends,
i cherish myself.

i need you,
whoever you are,
because you complete me.

- jimmy ang
April 6, 2007


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