.somethings are not meant to be said.

i was sitting in between my two friends watchin the shooter last friday.

there was this particular part in the whole movie where the hero, mark wahlberg, tries to "getting jiggy" with his deceased partner's wife.

so, as i look on the movie, i turned to my right and told virginjase that if he dies, rest assured, the person on my left, suckykee will take good care of his wife.

he said some incomprehensible words which are too polite for this blog but me and suckykee were laughing our heads off.

this morning, suckykee mentioned the whole issue again.
i repeated myself and said,

"if virginjase dies, you'll take care of his gf right?"

suckykee : "but she's second hand. i dun wan, give to you."


"..... VIRGINJASE, come listen to what suckykee said..."

me da evil! haha!
daily dose
April 16, 2007


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