.dead in love.

i lay down looking at her face. she reminds me of everything sweet, and i think to myself.. how could i fall back into the hole i tried so hard to crawl out of.

i lie here beside her. pretending to be far yet wanting to be near.

she notices me looking at her as she peeks to the right. i can see it. but she pretends. pretends not to know. shy... *-^

but when she does turn around to peek, i lean forward and let events take its course.

isn't it weird how every curve fits perfectly into one interlocking knot? i don't know where my lips start and hers end.

i fell in love again.

then i take her into my arms and let her lie nestled like a baby. she holds her head up and i lean down...

we kiss again.

April 22, 2007


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