sitting at my desk in this training room, i found a word which particularly piqued my interest. unconscionable.

it seems particularly weird, kinda like a mix between unconscious and being able. my first instinct tells me that this wasn't the case. English, being the bitch that she is will surely come up with some kind of weird new meaning for seemingly harmless compounded words.

example 1
the unconscionable quest for oil led to immoral vocations. it is not what immoral deeds a person can do which scares us right? it is actually what immorality can achieve which will scare us.

somebody once told me that war is merely the beginning of something great, but the process makes everybody involved an entity of immorality. for those who kill are not only killing to defend then, they are killing for a quest. be it wealth, life, or a belief. noone kills for freedom. everyone kills for something far more selfish than that. believe it or not, humans are flesh, blood and greed.

example 2
my unconscionable love for a person has led me to a state of moribund. where i am all but bone and ash. no feelings left.

it's been more than a week since i last talked to her. but it seems like eternity

unconscionable, what a bitch of a word. should've kept it in the dictionary. and maybe locked up.
April 16, 2007


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